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Republicans Democrats – Christians Muslims – left right – black white

Wow! The world seems to be pretty divided right now. Just last night I heard Democrats screaming that the Republicans are the problem with America, and then I heard Republicans screaming the Democrats are the problem. Four years ago I heard that President Trump will make America great again. And twelve years ago I was … Continue reading “Republicans Democrats – Christians Muslims – left right – black white”

Chemical FREE meat

An excerpt from chapter 11 of THE HAPPINESS EFFECT. Let me take a second and talk about meat. As you noticed, I didn’t include it in the “big three.” Why? The vegan diet is pretty powerful, and vegans have proven that you can survive on a plant-based diet. The key word is “survive.” You are … Continue reading “Chemical FREE meat”


As the new year approaches, I thought that a little reminder that abundance follows gratitude might help you start your new year. Yup, it’s true… what you’re thankful for today will be multiplied for you tomorrow. This is true in all areas of your life, however today I’m going to talk solely about money. If … Continue reading “ARIGATO MY MONEY”

After fifty years of abusing my body, making bad food and medicine choices I had a decision to make. Continue living a life that was going to lead to a painful drawn out death. Or, change to a natural healthy way of life, and live comfortably, and happy in good health.

This smoothie recipe was my actual first step to an amazing naturally healthy life. I knew that big steps were going to be hard. However nothing could be easier than changing one drink every morning. This really is the easiest way that I know of to begin changing your life. Give it a try for 30 days and I gaurantee that you will feel better and more alive.


Cannabis has been demonized for over eighty years. However, prohibition was based on lies and greed. Learn how the marijuana plant can and is healing people everyday.

This booklet NOT about getting high. This is just some simple facts about an amazing plant. If you have been curious what all the fuss with medical marijuana is about. Then check out my booklet and learn how a plant can bring your body total balance.


The easiest way to feeling good about your health is to drink herbal tea. Dieticians and food scientists recommend that you drink at least 64 ounces of water everyday. But what if instead of plain ole water, You blasted your body with nutrients every time you took a drink? Thats what drinking herbal tea does for your body. Brings a blast of balancing, healthy, life giving nutrients to your body and mind with every drink.

Get the fact on each nutrient used in the blends. You will become an expert on herbal tea after reading and using these five blends.

Health and Nutrient benefit information. Historical use and fun facts on each ingredient. Heal your body and mind while becoming an expert on herbs. Get the book…