What is an acceptable death rate?

During this crazy time of virus panic, I thought I might share an unedited excerpt from my next book “Balanced Life, Happy Life”.

We can’t seem to escape headlines with daily death tolls and horror stories of what may come to pass. The Covid 19 virus has us all in it’s deadly grasp.

3 – 31 – 20 the CDC is reporting:
Total cases: 163,539
Total deaths: 2860

In the following excerpt I share the startling statistics of death in America. Our healthcare system (before the virus) is responsible for creating on average 400,000 deaths every year. That breaks down to 1095 people every single day.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading:

According to Johns Hopkins University, 250,000 people die from medical errors every year, and according to the Journal of American Medical Association, 150,000 people die from adverse effects of prescribed medications each year. That is a minimum of 400,000 people that die every year from mainstream medicine, our healthcare system. (statistics from 2017)

I’m sure that you have heard of the opioid epidemic that our American government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to “fix it”. (your tax dollars, hard at work). Opioids kill on average 40,000 people a year, and this “epidemic” was in the headlines everyday. Yet eight times as many people are killed using our healthcare system and you hear nothing? 400,000 people have died from our healthcare system this year and last year, and the year before that, and no one is talking about this. Not one single headline swearing vengeance on our health system. Nope, no one seems to care. Well, I Care, and you should too!
According to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), here are the leading causes of death in America. Most of these can be eliminated by eating naturally grown foods, medicating with naturally grown plants, and having a positive lifestyle!

When you add up the top causes of death in America. Nearly three million deaths could be reversed if we all ate and medicated naturally. Check it out:

* Heart disease: 635,260 (can be prevented with healthy diet)

* Cancer: 598,038 (can be prevented with a healthy body and mind)

* *440,000 tobacco (quit smoking)

* *250,000 medical errors (DON’T go to doctors if your not dying)

* Accidents (unintentional injuries): 161,374 (be careful, pay attention to details)

* Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 154,596 (can be prevented with a healthy body and mind)

* *Adverse effects from pharmaceuticals 150,000 (Eat and medicate naturally, no need for pharmaceuticals)

* Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 142,142 (can be prevented with a healthy body and mind)

* Alzheimer’s disease: 116,103 (can be prevented with a healthy body and mind)

* *Alcohol 88,000 (STOP drinking alcohol)

* Diabetes: 80,058 (may be prevented or controlled with a healthy diet)

* Influenza and Pneumonia: 51,537 (can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle)

* Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis: 50,046 (I don’t even know what this is?)

* Intentional self-harm (suicide): 44,965 (can be prevented with a healthy body and mind)

* *Cannabis 0.00 (saves lives)

(** added to list for effect, stats from various government websites)

There you have it. Acceptable deaths? Why is a coronavirus more deadly than the above. Because it is contagious? Because it primarily takes the life of one that is already facing death?

The reaction to this virus will stay with us for years to come. The economic impact on middle and lower income families may be devastating, again, for years to come. We all really need to ask ourselves “is destroying families financially for years to come, worth the price of saving already fragile lives?”
I am only asking that question, because we are very accepting of the mostly preventable deaths listed above. As well as to point out that maybe our priorities have always been in the wrong place.

I would also like to ask why, in this great country of America, can we not handle a 20% increase in hospital care needs? While we fight over what Trump said or Obama did, our healthcare system failed us. This should have been mandated as a Homeland Security precaution years ago. If you want to question our government’s response, then question “Why were we not prepared years ago?” and “how are we going to correct this going forward?”
If we learn anything from this dreadful virus, my wish is that we come together to fix problems, instead of trying to create them by division. Fixing health care in America starts with our diets and reducing or eliminating pharmaceuticals. Until our focus is on becoming more natural in our consumption choices. We will remain unable to fight a cold. Until our government subsidizes organic farming methods, and stops subsidizing produce used to make high sugar processed foods (corn, soy, sorghum) then we will always be at the mercy of a germ. Our national security starts with the health and well-being of the people. Our government needs to come together, stop the divisive speech and get America naturally healthy again!

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Author: Stephen T. Radentz

     In 2004, having fallen and fractured my spine, I began a slow death spiral as an addict to legal opioids. For the next eight years, I battled depression and stomach ulcers. At the end of every month, I would face withdrawal symptoms, as well as the fear of running out of medication.      At one point, I was prescribed 1080 total pills every month! More than half were opioids, while the rest were prescribed to fix the problems opium was causing.      In 2012, I was rushed to the emergency room with bleeding ulcers. This happened again in 2014. I had lost almost 40 pounds during this time period. I was killing myself.      One night at the end of the month in 2014, I was facing imminent withdrawal sickness. Let me tell you: withdrawal sucks! I was not eligible for a refill but I needed the drugs. I grabbed a gun and went to a nearby pharmacy. I sat outside that store for about an hour. Finally, I decided that the best thing I could do would be to break away from the addictive drugs. I went home, went through some withdrawal sickness, and started planning my strategy.      It took me another two years to successfully get free. Eleven years after beginning my journey with opioids, I was able to beat the addiction through the use of medical marijuana, changing to a mostly natural-food diet, focusing on positivity and gratefulness, and getting outside in nature. I have been pharmaceutical free since 2016      Over several years of extensive research, I learned that medical marijuana could help with eliminating opioid addiction while reducing withdrawal symptoms and providing natural pain relief. I discovered that there was proven science backing up marijuana as medicine. I researched cannabis and hemp: their uses, benefits, and side effects, and how cannabinoids help the human body create homeostasis naturally, without side effects, addiction, or overdose issues.       As a master grower, I was aware of plant nutrient needs, and I realized that they are very similar to human nutrient needs. I began researching fruits, vegetables, and herbs extensively. Learning that nature provides all the nutrients a body needs. Consuming a variety of organic foods everyday will keep your body in a perfect state to fight off disease. As my body healed I was able to focus on my mind as well. You must; get your body right, to get your mind right, to get your life right.       I have also studied many current and historical positive thought mentors. Learning that, "we are what we think we are", as well as negative thoughts attract negative things, and positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.       I combined all of this knowledge to devise my theory on; The Three Life Centers of the body. Keeping these three areas balanced will keep your life balanced.      Medical marijuana helped reduce my drug withdrawal symptoms, enabling me to eliminate opioids, and I credit it with saving my life..      Because of my success eating and medicating naturally, maintaining positivity and gratitude, while embracing nature, I decided that I wanted to help educate others, and assist them with their own health and life issues.      I've been an advocate for medical marijuana legalization since 2014. I have lobbied senators, traveled statewide to speak on behalf of the cannabis community, and appeared in local forums, to share my journey and bring people's awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana, natural dieting, and positivity.       With this website, my goal is to dispel some myths, while educating you on a plant that has numerous health benefits (cannabis). Simplify your diet to achieve balance and good health through nature. Help you to create an environment of positivity and gratitude, and encourage you to get outside experience nature. I will even share some hidden gardening tips.