My rant on face masks

Peeps help me understand. Because I know that this post is going to make some people mad.


  *** I apologize up front 🙏 If I offend anyone. And I am sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one or friend.***


     Another facebook poster said he was going to kick people’s asses if they don’t wear a mask? What is the world coming to when our rights are encroached upon to protect 1% of the population and we’re ok with that? Remember hitler? He told Germans through the media and government, that it was ok to kick jews asses, he was wrong, but with the media’s help he convinced Germans that it was ok. Then walla all of a sudden jews were rounded up, sent to camps, and killed. Over FAKE NEWS. So is it now ok to kick someone’s ass because they are smart enough to know that a mask has minimal true protection? Maybe they can’t breathe with a mask on, or they have a life changing allergy to masks? Remember ONLY 1% or less of the TOTAL population will get sick. Shouldn’t the majority have a say?

      Anyway… I’m annoyed because I have to wear a mask at work and here is my rant. Comment away, for and against I don’t care. This is how I feel. As far as I’m aware this is still America. 🇺🇸 And my voice is still mine… as long as it stays within federal guidelines of course 😂 🤣 ✌️ 💚 😁 

      I am (as stated many times) #fearless with COVID-19. I most likely won’t make you sick, I know how to cover my mouth if I cough or sneeze (common sense). I know I will not get this virus, and if i did I would be fine after 3 or 4 days maybe a week

     But now I’m being forced to wear protective clothing at work, I am not dealing with the public. Way more than 6′ distancing with others. As a matter of fact my own office. Soooo WTF.

If you are scared that you could be in the 1% of victims of covid, then YOU stay home and cover YOUR face. The other 99% of us will be fine.

Now for the legal questions…

     If I have a health issue and can’t wear a mask or gloves (they really don’t help) and my employer makes me, or fires me for not wearing them, isn’t that a violation of the HIPPA code? My health is confidential by law. No one has a right to question my health at work, period. If I have an allergy to face masks and say I can’t wear one, by law you can not ask why or question my reply. You have to (by hippa law) not question me further. and you may have to make accommodations for me if necessary. That’s the current law. 

This just keeps getting better all the time. (insert sarcasm 😖) 

     All the fearful, scared and less informed folks need to get educated in common sense. (this includes government leaders who are acting out of fear not reality) Actually look at the total cases, and divide by population (world 8 billion, US 1.7 billion) you will see that less than 1% of the WORLD has been or will be infected by COVID-19. Even if you use advanced math to predict contagion rates(they’ve all been wrong so far) it still does not add up to 1% of our human world. That is a fact!    

    This quarantine was designed to NOT overflow hospitals. Well. It worked, because hospitals are now closing for lack of business. This quarantine was only to slow the spread so that the healthy folks can get sick and immunized naturally (herd immunization) and  that the most vulnerable will have a hospital bed. That has been accomplished. The other 99% of us should return to normal, get sick 🤮 and move on. 

We are losing our FREEDOM everyday. This is bullshit.

     If you are scared… (remember less than 1% of the total population will be affected physically by this virus.) put on a mask, hide in your house, because this is not just magically going to disappear. Just like the hundreds of flu varieties already known (your flu shot only covers maybe 40 types of flu) it will be back next year, get used to it.

      Eat healthy, medicate naturally, maintain a positive vibe, use common sense, and be smart.

      Wearing protective gear all the time is ridiculous and when you do the research is not really protecting you or me. Probably, makes you more susceptible because you are constantly touching the mask with contaminated fingers, you’re breathing a “chemically treated’ face covering (who knows what chemicals you’re breathing in), you stop fresh air (clean oxygen) from entering your body (its being filtered by chinese fabric that has been chemically treated). This is Totally unwarranted, and again probably more unsafe for the general population. 

I am seriously annoyed (and I know this too shall pass 😁.. I maintain positive momentum, so I am ranting, then moving on. You should too 😁)  This has been interesting to watch but now it’s affecting my freedom again. The game is changing! So if you can’t face reality that this is NOT a thing, then stay home, cover up and leave the #FEARLESS alone!!!

Let 99% of the population, you know, THE MAJORITY, get back to the pursuit of… 


✌️ 💚 😁


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Author: Stephen T. Radentz

     In 2004, having fallen and fractured my spine, I began a slow death spiral as an addict to legal opioids. For the next eight years, I battled depression and stomach ulcers. At the end of every month, I would face withdrawal symptoms, as well as the fear of running out of medication.      At one point, I was prescribed 1080 total pills every month! More than half were opioids, while the rest were prescribed to fix the problems opium was causing.      In 2012, I was rushed to the emergency room with bleeding ulcers. This happened again in 2014. I had lost almost 40 pounds during this time period. I was killing myself.      One night at the end of the month in 2014, I was facing imminent withdrawal sickness. Let me tell you: withdrawal sucks! I was not eligible for a refill but I needed the drugs. I grabbed a gun and went to a nearby pharmacy. I sat outside that store for about an hour. Finally, I decided that the best thing I could do would be to break away from the addictive drugs. I went home, went through some withdrawal sickness, and started planning my strategy.      It took me another two years to successfully get free. Eleven years after beginning my journey with opioids, I was able to beat the addiction through the use of medical marijuana, changing to a mostly natural-food diet, focusing on positivity and gratefulness, and getting outside in nature. I have been pharmaceutical free since 2016      Over several years of extensive research, I learned that medical marijuana could help with eliminating opioid addiction while reducing withdrawal symptoms and providing natural pain relief. I discovered that there was proven science backing up marijuana as medicine. I researched cannabis and hemp: their uses, benefits, and side effects, and how cannabinoids help the human body create homeostasis naturally, without side effects, addiction, or overdose issues.       As a master grower, I was aware of plant nutrient needs, and I realized that they are very similar to human nutrient needs. I began researching fruits, vegetables, and herbs extensively. Learning that nature provides all the nutrients a body needs. Consuming a variety of organic foods everyday will keep your body in a perfect state to fight off disease. As my body healed I was able to focus on my mind as well. You must; get your body right, to get your mind right, to get your life right.       I have also studied many current and historical positive thought mentors. Learning that, "we are what we think we are", as well as negative thoughts attract negative things, and positive thoughts attract positive outcomes.       I combined all of this knowledge to devise my theory on; The Three Life Centers of the body. Keeping these three areas balanced will keep your life balanced.      Medical marijuana helped reduce my drug withdrawal symptoms, enabling me to eliminate opioids, and I credit it with saving my life..      Because of my success eating and medicating naturally, maintaining positivity and gratitude, while embracing nature, I decided that I wanted to help educate others, and assist them with their own health and life issues.      I've been an advocate for medical marijuana legalization since 2014. I have lobbied senators, traveled statewide to speak on behalf of the cannabis community, and appeared in local forums, to share my journey and bring people's awareness to the benefits of medical marijuana, natural dieting, and positivity.       With this website, my goal is to dispel some myths, while educating you on a plant that has numerous health benefits (cannabis). Simplify your diet to achieve balance and good health through nature. Help you to create an environment of positivity and gratitude, and encourage you to get outside experience nature. I will even share some hidden gardening tips.