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I Need your help!!!
      I am finishing up a booklet on the basics of cannabis history, why and how it works with our bodies, and basic uses. Titled; Medical Marijuana – Simple Truth. It is written for the uninformed, Non-cannabis user who is hearing about CBD and has no idea what its all about.
     I need a cover so please pick 1) the drawing,  2) dr face, or 3)leaf and stethoscope.
     Thanks for all your help, leave your vote and I will pick 2 lucky winners to recieve a free copy when I publish… (very soon)

Medical Kale and Medical blackberries

Let me just say, Saying “medical” marijuana, is like saying “Medical” tomatoes, or medical kale.   
     Marijuana, cannabis, hemp, are in the same plant family. Cannabis Sativa. Yes they have health benefits, just like other plants. All plants have some medicinal benefits. So lets just call it what it is; cannabis. Thanks.

     That being said, cannabis is medicinal in that it heals many areas of your body. It assists your body in creating homeostasis. As the cannabinoids (cbd, thc, and over 100 others) interact with your Endocannabinoid System they create a balanced environment by improving communication between your cells. Thus improving your body’s overall health. When used in its natural form, cannabis is body balancing.

Whether you agree with marijuana or not, Here is a little poem for you on how it benefits humanity.

Art by Jeff Claburn

You take zanex
I take cannabis…
You take vicodin
I take cannabis…
You take alcohol
I take cannabis…
You take prozac
I take cannabis…
Yours is made by man
Mine is made by God(whichever one you believe in) … 
Yours has deadly side effects,
Mine has healing side effects.
Yours will cause DEATH ☠
mine will saves lives..
✌️  

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Placebo effect works just as good as pharmaceutical drugs.

Maybe we should take a step back, and review how strong our minds are. If you are eating mostly natural-food, your body and mind will be working in homeostasis. When an illness befalls you, your mind will be able to heal you.

Our first move when feeling ill, should be to think “I feel great, I do not get sick”. Get your positivity going full force. If you still get sick, it happens. Start with all natural remedies; elderberry syrup, echinacea, purple, and citrus fruits, green and purple vegies, as well as herbal teas. Healing a cold through nature will take maybe 3 days, and you are not stressing your body. Healing a cold with synthetic drugs, will alter your body unnaturally while it heals you. This will actually make your body work harder, while healing. It has to fight synthetic changes while trying to maintain homeostasis.

Eat and medicate with what nature provides, stay positive, and I guarantee your happiness. When dealing with colds, flu, any disease really, mentally heal yourself. The placebo effect is real, and works as well as synthetic pharmaceuticals.



Possibly the most popular yellow heirloom variety of tomato, the Yellow Pear gets its name from its color and shape.  This variety dates back to the 1800s and is a vigorous indeterminate. It produces generously with an abundance of small, yellow pear-shaped tomatoes that are sweet, but mild in flavor. These are a popular table tomato and are relatively cold tolerant (for a tomato), giving them the ability to produce later into the fall than others might. (

Just harvested 3 of my heirloom tomatoes. My sole plant has been hit with “early blight” a disease; maybe from the soil, maybe from the seeds, maybe wind blown?? Im trying neem oil and organic insecticide soap, I cut away 90% of the bad leaves, left a few for photosynthesis. Added some compost, bone meat, and fish water. We’ll see if it helps.