Possibly the most popular yellow heirloom variety of tomato, the Yellow Pear gets its name from its color and shape.  This variety dates back to the 1800s and is a vigorous indeterminate. It produces generously with an abundance of small, yellow pear-shaped tomatoes that are sweet, but mild in flavor. These are a popular table tomato and are relatively cold tolerant (for a tomato), giving them the ability to produce later into the fall than others might. (

Just harvested 3 of my heirloom tomatoes. My sole plant has been hit with “early blight” a disease; maybe from the soil, maybe from the seeds, maybe wind blown?? Im trying neem oil and organic insecticide soap, I cut away 90% of the bad leaves, left a few for photosynthesis. Added some compost, bone meat, and fish water. We’ll see if it helps.


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Americans over-65 only account for 14 percent of the nation’s population, but they use more than 30 percent of all prescription drugs. Medicare saved more than $165 million in 2013 on prescription drugs in D.C. and 17 states that allowed cannabis to be used as medicine. If every state in the nation legalized medical marijuana, would save more than $468 million per year on pharmaceuticals for disabled Americans and those 65 and older.