Chapter 1 new book..

     Here is an unedited version of chapter 1 of my next book. My current title thought is “Easy ways to Health and Happiness”. Just a thought. The book is about reaching a state of balance in your life that creates happiness and abundance by embracing nature. It is a natural health combined with positive momentum self help book. It is written for the person who doesn’t want to follow a lot of diets and exercise, but wants a healthy happy life. I teach you the secret tricks to create a healthy, happy, abundant, and balanced life without trying too hard.
     Below is ch. 1 and I would love to hear your feedback.

CH 1
Happiness Happens.

     Happiness is not something that you can buy at the store. It doesn’t grow on trees or spring up from the ground. We will spend millions of dollars on books, tapes, and seminars that teach us how to be happy. This could be the last book on creating happiness that you need to buy, because It will set your life’s foundation where you will be able to find positivity all around you. From this day forward you will be able to control your own life. You will know how to be healthy and positive everyday. When you are healthy, and your mind is positive, you will feel happy, which will lead to a life of abundance. It happens everytime.
     For many of us the idea that not having enough money is why we are not satisfied with our lives. We have been brainwashed into believing that money will solve all of our problems. “If only I had more money I could…” However, money alone does not make you happy. You can have money, a nice house, expensive cars and vacations and still be miserable. You might be saying to yourself “everyone they show on television with money appears happy, the Kardashians look pretty happy,” except when they’re not gossiping or complaining. But seriously, let me stop you right there. Money will only make you happy for a minute, before real life steps up and knocks you down. When challenges in life knock on your door, money won’t make you smile any more.
     You might think a huge mansion, a new Mercedes, and a million dollar salary would instantly make you happy. These material things add to life’s enjoyment, definitely. But when your favorite pet dies, your health fails, or you don’t have any family or friends, you immediately forget how good the material things made you feel. Having lots of money and expensive toys makes life easier. Yes, no doubt about it. However, having things is not the answer. You must first find happiness inside of yourself, and then the abundance will follow you. Guaranteed.
      So what is it about happiness that is so elusive? Why do we pay for books, videos, and seminars searching for the source of joy? What is happiness? Why aren’t we all running around with goofy grins on our faces? We all want to be in a total state of bliss, so why aren’t we? Why is it so hard to find consistent happiness?
     According to Webster’s dictionary, happiness is the “State of well being and contentment”. Happiness is only an emotion. Who controls your emotions? Only you! I could stop writing this book right now, because the key to happiness is YOU! There, you have it. The secret is out, the only thing stopping you from being happy is you. Your mind controls your emotions. Good, bad, frustrated, relieved, tired, alert, joyful, angry. You control all of it. That fact alone should fill you with joy, and the drive to fill your mind with positive thoughts. We are, our thoughts. What you think about today, you will become tomorrow. When you learn to control your thoughts you will become a psychic. You will know exactly how your life is going to turn out. You will know that you are going to be healthy, happy, and abundant. Because only you can control how you feel, and your feelings determine your satisfaction with life.
      I was once asked, “how can I make my kids happy?” That is a Great question and the answer is simple. You can not make someone else be happy. Remember what I just said, “Only you control your feelings”. Your children will have to learn how to create happiness for themselves, and they will. However, there is a secret that you can use to help your kids, or those around you to become and stay happy. Are you ready to hear this? It is not hard, I know you can do it. Here is the secret to helping other people be as joyful and positive as you. When you decide to be happy with yourself, and live your life with a positive, and grateful attitude, your kids, (and most people around you), will want to be like you.
     It’s an amazing feeling when you realize that this is happening. All of a sudden you will notice that most people around you are in a good mood. Wherever you go, people go out of their way to be positive. Your optimism becomes contagious. You will become a happiness attractor. Your enjoyment with life becomes a magnet, to those around you. People will be attracted to your happiness mindset. You will have big goofy grins on your faces, and will live a life full of abundance. Because abundance follows happiness. You will live your perfect life being healthy and positive everyday.        
     You also need to know that once you decide to be happy and see things in a “good way”. Good things will start happening for you as well. It’s crazy, and it will seem like magic. Your happiness and positivity will bring good things to you, and to those you love.
     The coolest part of this, is that the universe is designed to provide you with abundance. Everything in nature has more than it needs to survive. You are a part of nature, which means there is an abundance of what you need just waiting for you to grab a hold of.
      There are only four big steps that you must take in order to receive this gift of abundance. The first step is you must get your body healthy. If your body does not have the nutrients that it needs your mind will never function at one hundred percent. The second step is you must get your mind healthy and positive. If your mind has the nutrients that it needs, you will be more positive. You will be able to see the solutions to your challenges more clearly. The third step is that you must be grateful. You must be grateful for everything you already have, and everything you are going to receive in the future. Finally, you need to get outside and appreciate nature. It’s true, nature has healing powers. That’s all there is to it. It sounds super simple, and it is. 
Healthy Body +
Healthy Mind +
Nature +
Gratitude =
Healthy, Happy, Abundant Life.

Thanks for reading this far, I’m proud of you. Please leave me some feedback, if you have your own positivity tricks I would love to hear what they are. Help build our HAPPINESS THROUGH NATURE and POSITIVITY community. Get involved and leave some feedback or just say hi.
Thanks for being here

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Life Lessons from a Tomato plant.

Scraggly, yet so alive

     How do you face your day? Do you shrink in fear every morning when the alarm clock goes off. “Oh my god, another day, it’s going to suck, oh just ten more minutes of sleep, I can’t face life yet.” Or do you hop out of bed using no alarm clock because you are so pumped that every day is Christmas morning and you can’t wait to face the day? Or maybe you’re in between those two extremes. We all have our own way of facing life. There is no one size fits all in the game of life. There are really no rules at all. Life can be whatever you want to make it. 

     Sounds far out crazy, right? Only those goofy happy thought people and crazy religious folks believe that nonsense. Like most of you I am somewhere in between extremes. I am not a crazy happy person, but I am happy. I am not crazy religious but I am spiritual. I also believe that nature has an answer for all of our problems. You have to be willing to slow down and observe. When you start observing your natural surroundings you will begin to see life in a slower, more flowing way. 

     If you are one of my religious friends whether you are Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything in between, your religious doctrines bottom line says that you need to face adversity head on, fearless, with total faith in a positive outcome. If the first outcome is less than you expected, you are to know with absolute confidence that you will eventually succeed in your desires. Your beliefs dictate how you must face the day. Your choice is to face the day in anticipation of what god throws your way, knowing that everything is a learning experience, and everything will work out in the end. . 

     To my non-religious friends, you wake up everyday and face whatever the world brings your way. Whether you believe it or not, you are facing your fears. You have no choice. Life still comes at you no matter what. You cannot hide from it. The choice you have to make is how you face the day. It is your job to know with absolute confidence, that whatever comes your way will be a learning experience, and you must learn the lesson, or repeat it until you do. 

     I want to share a story with you about my Miracle Tomatoes. Florida is a challenging environment for tomato plants. Especially on my little patio. In the winter, the best climate for tomatoes, I only receive 2-4 hours of sunlight a day. Tomatoes need at least 6 – 8 hours for optimal growth. The summer, when I receive the required 6 – 8 hours of sunlight, Florida’s heat and humidity soars (not ideal tomato weather). The aphids, spider mites appear in droves looking for plants to devour. It rains, sometimes torrential downpours every day. This is not making the tomatoes happy. 

     With all of these challenges facing me, I wake up one day in the fall, and another day in the spring, yes twice a year, and I go and plant my tomatoes. Every year my tomatoes provide a bounty of fruit. Yes I fertilize and diligently care for them. But I also acknowledge the greater power, how amazing the plants are. I say, or sometimes just think, “wow, thank you for some amazing plants. Thanks for my Miracle Tomatoes.” I am grateful for the plants and the fruits they will provide. 

     Seriously, look at the pictures this poor plant has had, mites, blight, aphids, white fly, worms, too much water, and now heat and humidity. Look how little it is hanging on to life with. Yet, look at all the tomatoes it is still providing. This is my 4th harvest from this plant. It just keeps facing adversity and succeeding. It can’t get up and move like you. Nope, the miracle plant just adapts and pushes on regardless of what life throws at it. I will tell you a fact. This is how all my tomatoes grow. Scraggly and yet full of life. 

     My life has never been perfect. You might even call it scraggly and without purpose. Today I am still scraggly, but everyday I wake up knowing that my health is great, I will learn something new during the day. I will be grateful for many things throughout the day. I will try to do something to make a dream (or goal) of mine come closer to fruition. I know that I might get punched in the face and fall down. But I am certain that when I get back up, and I will get back up, that I will be stronger for learning what not to do. 

     If your life is feeling kind of scraggly, and you’re not seeing a straight path ahead of you. I suggest you take some quiet time in nature and just allow answers to come to you. When you allow the universe, or god to just flow through nature and through you, the answers will just show up . Don’t fight it. You should just simply let the answers flow to you. 

     Just like the miracle tomatoes, who do nothing but push forward in an extremely negative environment, and yet are succeeding beyond my expectations. You too can push through your environment and succeed beyond your current beliefs. You simply need to relax and let life show you the way. You obviously need to steer the ship, as it were. You need to be vocal about your desires, dreams, and wishes (goals). Let the world know what you really want. Then let it happen. Sounds really easy, and it is fairly simple in theory. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel immediate success with allowing the flow to guide you. Keep “not” trying, and the answers will come. 

     Life will never be perfect. If you take the cue from nature, from my pear tomatoes, nothing in nature, including us is perfect. The trick is for you to realize that what life is giving you is the opportunity to find more perfection. Realizing that in reality, everything that happens to you is an opportunity for growth. Face life’s adversity head on, fearless and confident in your ability to not just survive, but to thrive. 

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Garden Journaling

    These pictures are from 3 years ago. We had an heirloom tomato (I forget the variety) that grew 18′ tall and provided cherry 🍒 tomatoes for about 6 months. It finally succumbed to Florida’s wet and aphid-y summer. What an awesome plant. I wish I could remember the variety. Which brings up a great point 👉…

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18′ Tomato plant

     We should all keep a journal of our gardening experiences. For many years I did this while I was learning how to grow medicinal plants. I needed to know how they grew, what nutrients they needed and when, light conditions, watering variables. When you really pay attention, a plant needs a lot of caring. Yes you can put seeds in the ground and they will grow. However when you create a bond with a plant things tend to grow a lot better. Also, when you keep track of all the requirements and time invested, you will learn to appreciate nature at a whole new level. You may even begin to see how our lives are very similar to a plant’s. Our cells function in much the same way. We both need food, water, nutrients, to survive. Believe it or not plants seek out their desires just like us. 

     Keeping a diary, journal, or just taking some notes will make you a more educated gardener. You don’t have to get super detailed unless you want to. I will say that after a year or two of journaling, it is interesting to go back and read your notes. Sometimes you’ll recognize a plant symptom that you already know how to fix, and it will be in your journal. In the case of my 18′ tomato, had I kept a record, I would have been able to tell you the variety, and I would grow it again. 

     I have listed a couple journals from Amazon below to give you an idea of what is available or you can make your own. I use a 6X9 note pad. Use whatever is easy for you. If your love is gardening then just briefly jot down some notes. You will be glad you did. 

Here’s a really detailed journal for the experienced gardener. This is a little much for me, I like to keep it simple. If you’re a more scientific gardener, then I recommend this journal. Really good information but it will take some dedication to keep up with it.

     Next is a pretty basic journal that may be good for a beginner contains the following sections

 Garden Zoning Map, Monthly Garden Planner, Monthly To-Do Lists, Plant Profile Pages, Seed Tracker, pre-printed templates. 

Plant Tracker, Harvest Tracker, Expense Tracker, Soil Amendment/Fertilizer Tracker, Problems/Pests, 50 blank ruled pages for journaling. 

     It sounds like a lot of information, but once you start documenting your garden journey you will be glad you tracked it.

And finally here is a simple notepad. However, it is one of the toughest little notepads I have seen. It is actually weather resistant, repels water, mud, oil, dirt and grime. It’s a tough little book. Which obviously makes it perfect for the note taking gardener.

If you’re seriously going to grow things I recommend you record your journey. The benefits of connecting with your plants on an educated level will make a big difference in your gardening experience. 

Stay: Balanced By Nature 

5 Herbal tea recipes

Herbal Tea Booklet

    5 herbal tea recipes that will balance your body throughout the week. You will learn about each herb used. How it works with your body, what benefits are provided by each herb. You will also learn some fun facts and history of how each herb has been used. You are not just getting these tea blends:

  1. Balanced
  2. Cold and Flu 
  3. Energized
  4. Sleepy time
  5. Immune Booster

    You are also getting some amazing health facts that could change your life. There have been studies conducted that showed that knowing how a nutrient is supposed to help you, actually improves the healing benefits. This is why I give you each herb and the main benefits they provide to your body. You are getting over 15 herbs and how they work with your body. Knowing how and why a tea blend is helping your body, will increase your health twofold. First the actual nutrients will begin healing and maintaining balance in your body. Secondly your mind will expect to feel a certain way. You will know how the herbs will affect you, giving you a mental advantage over poor health. 

     Life is about balance, and these recipes can assist your body in reaching homeostasis. In order to reach perfect balance you will need to bring nature into your body (these herbs will do that), and you need to stay mentally strong, and positive as well. These 5 Tea recipes can provide both physical and mental health benefits. Drink in the benefits and stay Balanced By Nature.

Coronavirus Defense

Natural herbs that fight Viruses

Are you feeling scared and worried about the “Deadly” Coronavirus?

First of all you should know it is a flu 😳 type disease. Also, the “regular” flu is killing ten times more people every year. So this virus is only a new strain and really not a big deal. Thanks to the media for breeding fear of a non issue.
However, If you want to become fearless of the flu, or any virus, check out these “All natural” herbs that will help keep viruses away from you!
I swear by the elderberry syrup. It seriously works as good or better than any synthetic cold medicine sold!! Also you need to boost your “purple” and “red” foods; grapes, blueberries, Blackberries, raspberries, tomatoes 🍅 purple onion, cabbage, kale etc. Purple foods have the highest amounts of antioxidants and that’s what will kill those pesky virus cells!!

If you click on an herb link yiu will see a product from amazon. Yes I make about 3% of the sales price. Not getting rich. The thought is you’ll see how they are sold if you would like to start using them.

Get natural! And stay healthy?
✌️ 💚 😁


The common black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) has long been used to reduce the length and severity of flu symptoms and studies. Taking 60 ml a day for adults and 30 ml for children helps to facilitate a complete recovery, often in three days. Elderberry extract binds to the tiny spikes on a virus protein that are used to pierce and invade healthy cells and destroys them so that the virus is ineffective. Elderberry may also be effective against the herpes simplex virus and some HIV strains.


The herb Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) is supportive of the immune system and has a direct anti-viral action against colds and viral bronchitis. Preparations that include both the roots and the flowering tops are the most effective at helping the body resist the viruses.


Garlic has been prized for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. The compounds allicin and alliion are responsible for this common plant’s reputation as a triple threat. Garlic is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal and it is especially effective against viruses if chewed raw.


Green tea (Camellia sinensis) contains a group of flavonoids called catechins, which appear to inhibit viral infections by blocking the enzymes that allow it to reproduce. Green tea has been known to be effective in inhibiting HIV, herpes simples and the hepatitis B virus.


Liquorice contains a substance called glycyrrhizin that reduces the replication of viruses and halts their ability to penetrate replicate inside healthy cells. It has been noted to be effective in the treatment of many viral illnesses including HIV strains and viral hepatitis.


The leaves of Olive trees (Olea europea) contain a substances called elenoic acid and calcium elonate has been identified as a powerful inhibitor of a wide range of viruses in laboratory tests., including influenza, herpes, polio and coxsackie viruses. These substances block the production of enzymes that allow viruses to replicate.


Pau d’arco (Tabebuia impetiginosa), also known as lapacho or ipe roxo, is an Amazon tree with healing inner bark that can treat colds, influenza, herpes and viral stomatis. It contains quinoids that inhibit virus replication by damaging the DNA and RNA inside the viral protein that would insert itself in a healthy human cell and replicate.


St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is ore well-known for its ability to treat depression and neuralgia but it also has potent antiviral chemicals called hypercin and pseudohypericin that proactively fight off viruses that thrive by imitating existing cells through “cloaking”. These viruses that masquerade as human cells include Herpes, HIV and Hepatitis C.

For the most effective results it is highly recommended that at least two or three of these remedies in conjunction in order to vanquish viruses. As always, consult your naturopathic doctor for advise that is tailored specifically to your body.

My rant on face masks

Peeps help me understand. Because I know that this post is going to make some people mad.


  *** I apologize up front 🙏 If I offend anyone. And I am sorry for anyone who has lost a loved one or friend.***


     Another facebook poster said he was going to kick people’s asses if they don’t wear a mask? What is the world coming to when our rights are encroached upon to protect 1% of the population and we’re ok with that? Remember hitler? He told Germans through the media and government, that it was ok to kick jews asses, he was wrong, but with the media’s help he convinced Germans that it was ok. Then walla all of a sudden jews were rounded up, sent to camps, and killed. Over FAKE NEWS. So is it now ok to kick someone’s ass because they are smart enough to know that a mask has minimal true protection? Maybe they can’t breathe with a mask on, or they have a life changing allergy to masks? Remember ONLY 1% or less of the TOTAL population will get sick. Shouldn’t the majority have a say?

      Anyway… I’m annoyed because I have to wear a mask at work and here is my rant. Comment away, for and against I don’t care. This is how I feel. As far as I’m aware this is still America. 🇺🇸 And my voice is still mine… as long as it stays within federal guidelines of course 😂 🤣 ✌️ 💚 😁 

      I am (as stated many times) #fearless with COVID-19. I most likely won’t make you sick, I know how to cover my mouth if I cough or sneeze (common sense). I know I will not get this virus, and if i did I would be fine after 3 or 4 days maybe a week

     But now I’m being forced to wear protective clothing at work, I am not dealing with the public. Way more than 6′ distancing with others. As a matter of fact my own office. Soooo WTF.

If you are scared that you could be in the 1% of victims of covid, then YOU stay home and cover YOUR face. The other 99% of us will be fine.

Now for the legal questions…

     If I have a health issue and can’t wear a mask or gloves (they really don’t help) and my employer makes me, or fires me for not wearing them, isn’t that a violation of the HIPPA code? My health is confidential by law. No one has a right to question my health at work, period. If I have an allergy to face masks and say I can’t wear one, by law you can not ask why or question my reply. You have to (by hippa law) not question me further. and you may have to make accommodations for me if necessary. That’s the current law. 

This just keeps getting better all the time. (insert sarcasm 😖) 

     All the fearful, scared and less informed folks need to get educated in common sense. (this includes government leaders who are acting out of fear not reality) Actually look at the total cases, and divide by population (world 8 billion, US 1.7 billion) you will see that less than 1% of the WORLD has been or will be infected by COVID-19. Even if you use advanced math to predict contagion rates(they’ve all been wrong so far) it still does not add up to 1% of our human world. That is a fact!    

    This quarantine was designed to NOT overflow hospitals. Well. It worked, because hospitals are now closing for lack of business. This quarantine was only to slow the spread so that the healthy folks can get sick and immunized naturally (herd immunization) and  that the most vulnerable will have a hospital bed. That has been accomplished. The other 99% of us should return to normal, get sick 🤮 and move on. 

We are losing our FREEDOM everyday. This is bullshit.

     If you are scared… (remember less than 1% of the total population will be affected physically by this virus.) put on a mask, hide in your house, because this is not just magically going to disappear. Just like the hundreds of flu varieties already known (your flu shot only covers maybe 40 types of flu) it will be back next year, get used to it.

      Eat healthy, medicate naturally, maintain a positive vibe, use common sense, and be smart.

      Wearing protective gear all the time is ridiculous and when you do the research is not really protecting you or me. Probably, makes you more susceptible because you are constantly touching the mask with contaminated fingers, you’re breathing a “chemically treated’ face covering (who knows what chemicals you’re breathing in), you stop fresh air (clean oxygen) from entering your body (its being filtered by chinese fabric that has been chemically treated). This is Totally unwarranted, and again probably more unsafe for the general population. 

I am seriously annoyed (and I know this too shall pass 😁.. I maintain positive momentum, so I am ranting, then moving on. You should too 😁)  This has been interesting to watch but now it’s affecting my freedom again. The game is changing! So if you can’t face reality that this is NOT a thing, then stay home, cover up and leave the #FEARLESS alone!!!

Let 99% of the population, you know, THE MAJORITY, get back to the pursuit of… 


✌️ 💚 😁


If you have to wear a mask, like me. Then check out these cannabandana’s at