How to Master Change

You are in Charge of Change. 

     Why is it that sometimes in life when everything is going perfect, you come to a screeching halt, and suddenly your life spirals out of control? Life has a way of throwing curveballs at you when you are swinging away. I do not know of a single person, successful or not, that hasn’t had misfortune in their lives. The most successful people accept the setback and then plan a comeback. While everyone else sits on the sidelines complaining and wishing. Complaints and wishes will not make you happy. There is really no benefit to being in a negative frame of mind. 

     Life will always have its ups and downs, and that’s what this post is about. Your life is like the ocean’s tide. Always changing, always coming in and then going out. Or like the moon, one day its full and bright a few days later its pitch black. You have no control over change and you cannot hide from it either. Change will find you wherever you go. It is inevitable and the only solution is to face it head on. 

     Knowing that you can’t hide from change, the only solution left for us is to embrace it. Face it head on with fearless determination. Accepting that you will never simply remain the same you can learn to make change work for you. 

     You might be saying that you can’t always control changes that are forced on you. You are absolutely right. However, you can control everything you feel, and how you react to the change. In the next paragraphs I hope to explain how you can rise above negative changes in your life. Giving you the opportunity to create happiness with every shift the universe gives you. 

     There are seven laws that dictate how our universe works. These laws govern everything in the universe. The first three of the laws are immutable, meaning they can not be changed or adjusted in any way. The other four laws are mutable, meaning that they can be adjusted, or transcended to improve your life. You can make these four laws work for you, not against you. We will cover two of the seven laws in this article, the fourth and fifth. The fifth law is:

     The Law of Rhythm (Mutable): 

The fifth of the seven Universal Laws tells us that “Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.” ( 

     It is the second of the mutable, or transcendable universal laws, and means that your life pendulum swings in everything. This principle can be seen in operation in the waves of the ocean, in the rise and fall of the greatest empires, in business cycles, in the swaying of your thoughts from being positive to negative and in your personal successes and failures. When your pendulum reaches the far end point, then the backward swing begins almost unnoticeably, until such time that any forward movement has been totally reversed, then the forward movement begins again and the process is repeated. 

     Being a “mutable law” means that you can control aspects of the rule. You can make it work for you, not against you. You can rise above the swing, while waiting for the forward motion to return. 

The Law of Polarity (Mutable ) 

    The fourth law states that everything has an opposite. Happy – sad, good – bad, hot – cold, etc. The Law of Rhythm states that everything has its tides. Everything is constantly flowing in and out of change. You have probably heard the saying “What comes around goes around.” Well it does, it has to, it is a law of the universe. 

     Imagine a pendulum swinging back and forth. This is your life swinging from one event to the next. To illustrate how this works I want you to imagine a pendulum swinging. On one side of the pendulum arc label good, and on the other side label bad. Now your life pendulum is swinging from good to bad, and then back to good again. This is how your life has been designed by the Creator, the Source, the Universe, God, or whatever you want to call our maker. Change is programmed into the universe. It is a law of nature and it never stops.

     Once again on the one end of the swinging motion is what we’ll call good. For instance walking on the beach is good. On the other end of the arc is bad, let’s say that kicking a rock, “ouch” is bad. Now draw a straight line under the route that the pendulum is swinging over. Label one side good, the other side bad (remember everything has an opposite. It’s a law of the universe.) On the line you just drew, draw an intersecting line at the point where good turns to bad. 

     Now I want you to think of the one thing that is at the intersecting line that makes it change from good to bad. For example: You are walking on the beach (good) suddenly you kick a rock (bad), OUCH! (this is where the good changes to bad) the pendulum continues to swing to the bad side, where you fall down and get sand in your eyes. You are now at the farthest bad side of the line, or opposite side of the pendulum swinging motion.    

     Suddenly and without warning, the pendulum begins to slowly swing back to the good side (it’s a law, life must swing back). As the pendulum of your life begins to swing back to good, a breeze blows and the sand is blown out of your eyes. Now because you can see again, and because you fell down after kicking the rock and having excruciating pain, you just happened to find an old Spanish gold coin worth a thousand dollars. Your pendulum just swung from good to great. 

     We are constantly going from what we perceive as good, to what we perceive as bad, and then from bad to good. Your pendulum of life is always swinging back and forth, it never stops moving, change is always present.   

     The simple key for your consistent happiness is to keep your pendulum swinging from good to better, and better to best. You must find the good in every situation!

     You must see change as a good thing. No matter what, find the good in everything that happens to you. You will begin to see your life change for the better. You will notice that the changes are for the best. The universe wants you to succeed, and when you have shifted your thoughts to finding the good in a situation, you will be able to maintain positive momentum during the challenging times. 

     Your life is a pendulum, always swinging from one event to another. How you perceive those events is up to you. You are what you think you are! If you can shift your thoughts to only see good in a situation, your life pendulum will swing from good to better. When you learn to only see the good in every situation, your pendulum will not swing to what is perceived as bad because you have conditioned your mind to find good or learn from your experiences. 

Eventually, your life will swing from better to best. The perceived “bad” will now be seen as an opportunity for good. 

     When you begin to control your pendulum of life. You will be able to wait for your pendulum to swing back to something better because you know that the universal law of rhythm says it will. Everything always works out. You can not lose. You can only win because you are in charge of your thoughts You control how you think and feel. 

     You must have some patience. Remember, you are part of nature, and nature takes its time. Nature learns and grows as it lives. We need to do the same thing. Every experience should be looked at as either a positive experience, or a learning experience. If you are going through a tough time today, you must be positively waiting and looking for the perceived bad to turn around and become good again. You must learn from whatever is setting you back. You must look for the good always. The better you can do this, the better your life will be. 

     You don’t need a million dollars to be happy. You only need positive, grateful thoughts and the rest will happen magically. Your life will always improve after a perceived negative event. You have the power to control your thoughts (to be only positive and grateful). You are the only person in this world who can control your emotions. 

Not about getting high. Just simple facts explaining the health benefits of an amazing plant. 

The smoothie that began my transformation from drugs, alcohol, fast and processed foods, to a happier, healthier, positive life. The story starts here… 

     Studies are proving that knowing how an herb will benefit your body, increases the healing effects you receive. Improve your health by knowing how you will benefit from the ingredients in these tea recipes. I call it the ultimate placebo effect… Knowledge. 


Free Healthcare

Garden Therapy

Planting the seeds is exciting!

     If you have been following along I’ve talked a little bit about how nature is healing. How it was designed to heal us and assist us in our search for perfect balance. But, what if you can not get into nature. The answer is to create your own natural environment. Create a garden for your health. 

     Just like being out in nature, gardening can heal you both mentally, and physically. Many of you live in the city and can’t always get into nature. However you can bring nature to you through a garden. Even a couple of potted plants can help to heal you. 

     Studies have shown that patients in the hospital recover on average, one full day faster when allowed in a garden setting versus those patients who stayed in their rooms. This healing effect was even noticeable when the patient had a view of nature versus looking at a wall. It’s pretty obvious that gardens, like nature, have healing powers. If you can get outdoors you will heal faster.

Healthy and a sense of accomplishment!

     When you are in a garden you are healing your body and mind. When you are working in the garden you are exercising while healing your body and your mind. The minute you plant a seed you have developed a connection to that plant. Just like a baby, your new plant needs you to guide it until it can survive on its own. Plants, like your children, need a little help at first. If you guide them while they are young, give them nourishment and love, they will give back in abundance when they are on their own. 

     This simple process of nurturing plants greatly benefits your mental health. It makes you feel alive and full of purpose. It gives you a reason to wake up everyday. Even on bad days when the world is crashing down on you, the minute you walk into your garden, the challenges and stress of life seem to evaporate. It’s like magic. 

Pride and success!

     Growing your own herbs, fruits and vegetables is also very fulfilling. I can think of nothing I like better than picking a tomato off of the vine and eating it. They just taste better when they are home grown and fresh. You also get the awesome feeling of accomplishment for creating and nurturing life. The plant you loved and cared for will give back in an over abundance of food or flowers. Which brings with it an abundance of happy feelings. That’s how the universe is designed. When you give freely, you will always get back in abundance, and that abundance will make you feel happy. Here is a little gardening hack:    

     Always pick your fruit and vegetables in the morning. I swear they have more flavor than late day harvested foods. I have my own theories why this is and maybe in my next book I’ll fill ya in on that secret. Stay tuned. 

Gardening builds confidence.

     There is no better way to achieve a sense of self worth than planting a seed and watching it grow, giving it some love and nutrients along the way, then harvesting the food, or just enjoying the flowers. You get an amazing sense of accomplishment. It’s a major boost to your ego and it definitely gets your endorphins flowing.

Stephen T Radentz

Simple steps to better health

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Hugs Are Healing!

Hugs Are Healing

Social distancing INCREASES the risk of mortality by 29%.

#hugsRhealing #HugsHeal

      We are in some crazy times, with the covid19 pandemic creating an uneasy, confused feeling among many of us. Many of us are laid off from our jobs. Furloughed, a new word in my vocabulary which I have learned to use. Many of us have no idea when we can work and provide for our families. We are being forced to rely on handouts from the government for the first time in our lives. Creating a stressful, uneasy feeling in our lives. Just ask any Venezuelan how it feels when the government runs out of money to give, and there are still no jobs. 

     This is creating a very stressful situation for most people. The emotions that come with having no control over your life can be debilitating. Six of the top ten causes of death worldwide are related to stress. I guess you could say stress can be attributed to around 30 million deaths a year worldwide (stats from World Health Organization website) that’s a lot of dead folks. This COVID-19 even without social distancing may kill a million or two at most. (just speculation). 

     I’m sharing that statistic with you because being forced to stay away from others, is very likely creating more problems for us than it is solving. It is creating high amounts of stress. As a matter of fact according to scientific literature by Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a research psychologist at Brigham Young University, and other colleagues determined that chronic social isolation increases the risk of mortality by 29%. On top of that, fear has been bred by the media, and our leaders, and that is creating major anxiety for many people. We could see many people die. Not from a virus, but from complications and stress caused by social distancing. 

    I would bet that many of you don’t know that the sense of touch is the first sense to develop in the womb. The sense of feeling, or touch is so important for a baby’s development that nature has ensured that the sense of touch comes first. It is also the first sense to become fully developed. Obviously this is a pretty important part of life! 

     For those of us that enjoy kissing, a baby’s mouth (and yours) is more sensitive to touch than anywhere else on the body. Probably why everything a baby touches, goes into their mouth. They are learning how things feel everytime they taste something. A child’s development relies heavily on touch. It has been proven that adolescents that receive hugs are generally better adjusted to society, have higher test scores, more friends and many other advantages over children who are touch neglected. 

     As we get older touching continues to be a major benefit to our lives. Hugging another human has been proven to reduce blood pressure, which then improves your entire cardiovascular system. Hugging increases serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin (the happy hormones) in our brains. This creates an anti-aging, antidepressant, environment in our minds. 

Hugging has been proven to actually improve our immune system, prevent virus infection, and when infected hugging reduces the length of sickness symptoms.    

     Hugging can, and will reduce stress. Have you ever seen someone hyperventilating, or crying hysterically and then being held lovingly by someone? Did you notice how quickly the crying subsided after the hug started? We could talk about babies again and point out how babies love to be held when they are crying, they need to be held. They need to actually FEEL the love. Grown-ups are no different. We need to feel the love.

     Finally hugging is a pain reliever. Think of the young kid who gets hurt playing sports. A parent or coach gives the child a hug and walla, the pain subsides. You bonk your head on the table, your partner hugs you, the pain slowly fades. #HUGSHEAL they really do.

COVID-19 is killing people, separation anxiety and lack of social contact may kill people as well. 

     My uneducated, non-medical advice is to go out and hug someone, and feel the love. Face adversity and fear head on. After all it’s a cold we are shying from. Wash your hands and face, put on clean clothes, wear a mask if you or someone you’re with is high risk, then HUG each other and feel the love. It is FREE healthcare after all. 


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Chapter 1 new book..

     Here is an unedited version of chapter 1 of my next book. My current title thought is “Easy ways to Health and Happiness”. Just a thought. The book is about reaching a state of balance in your life that creates happiness and abundance by embracing nature. It is a natural health combined with positive momentum self help book. It is written for the person who doesn’t want to follow a lot of diets and exercise, but wants a healthy happy life. I teach you the secret tricks to create a healthy, happy, abundant, and balanced life without trying too hard.
     Below is ch. 1 and I would love to hear your feedback.

CH 1
Happiness Happens.

     Happiness is not something that you can buy at the store. It doesn’t grow on trees or spring up from the ground. We will spend millions of dollars on books, tapes, and seminars that teach us how to be happy. This could be the last book on creating happiness that you need to buy, because It will set your life’s foundation where you will be able to find positivity all around you. From this day forward you will be able to control your own life. You will know how to be healthy and positive everyday. When you are healthy, and your mind is positive, you will feel happy, which will lead to a life of abundance. It happens everytime.
     For many of us the idea that not having enough money is why we are not satisfied with our lives. We have been brainwashed into believing that money will solve all of our problems. “If only I had more money I could…” However, money alone does not make you happy. You can have money, a nice house, expensive cars and vacations and still be miserable. You might be saying to yourself “everyone they show on television with money appears happy, the Kardashians look pretty happy,” except when they’re not gossiping or complaining. But seriously, let me stop you right there. Money will only make you happy for a minute, before real life steps up and knocks you down. When challenges in life knock on your door, money won’t make you smile any more.
     You might think a huge mansion, a new Mercedes, and a million dollar salary would instantly make you happy. These material things add to life’s enjoyment, definitely. But when your favorite pet dies, your health fails, or you don’t have any family or friends, you immediately forget how good the material things made you feel. Having lots of money and expensive toys makes life easier. Yes, no doubt about it. However, having things is not the answer. You must first find happiness inside of yourself, and then the abundance will follow you. Guaranteed.
      So what is it about happiness that is so elusive? Why do we pay for books, videos, and seminars searching for the source of joy? What is happiness? Why aren’t we all running around with goofy grins on our faces? We all want to be in a total state of bliss, so why aren’t we? Why is it so hard to find consistent happiness?
     According to Webster’s dictionary, happiness is the “State of well being and contentment”. Happiness is only an emotion. Who controls your emotions? Only you! I could stop writing this book right now, because the key to happiness is YOU! There, you have it. The secret is out, the only thing stopping you from being happy is you. Your mind controls your emotions. Good, bad, frustrated, relieved, tired, alert, joyful, angry. You control all of it. That fact alone should fill you with joy, and the drive to fill your mind with positive thoughts. We are, our thoughts. What you think about today, you will become tomorrow. When you learn to control your thoughts you will become a psychic. You will know exactly how your life is going to turn out. You will know that you are going to be healthy, happy, and abundant. Because only you can control how you feel, and your feelings determine your satisfaction with life.
      I was once asked, “how can I make my kids happy?” That is a Great question and the answer is simple. You can not make someone else be happy. Remember what I just said, “Only you control your feelings”. Your children will have to learn how to create happiness for themselves, and they will. However, there is a secret that you can use to help your kids, or those around you to become and stay happy. Are you ready to hear this? It is not hard, I know you can do it. Here is the secret to helping other people be as joyful and positive as you. When you decide to be happy with yourself, and live your life with a positive, and grateful attitude, your kids, (and most people around you), will want to be like you.
     It’s an amazing feeling when you realize that this is happening. All of a sudden you will notice that most people around you are in a good mood. Wherever you go, people go out of their way to be positive. Your optimism becomes contagious. You will become a happiness attractor. Your enjoyment with life becomes a magnet, to those around you. People will be attracted to your happiness mindset. You will have big goofy grins on your faces, and will live a life full of abundance. Because abundance follows happiness. You will live your perfect life being healthy and positive everyday.        
     You also need to know that once you decide to be happy and see things in a “good way”. Good things will start happening for you as well. It’s crazy, and it will seem like magic. Your happiness and positivity will bring good things to you, and to those you love.
     The coolest part of this, is that the universe is designed to provide you with abundance. Everything in nature has more than it needs to survive. You are a part of nature, which means there is an abundance of what you need just waiting for you to grab a hold of.
      There are only four big steps that you must take in order to receive this gift of abundance. The first step is you must get your body healthy. If your body does not have the nutrients that it needs your mind will never function at one hundred percent. The second step is you must get your mind healthy and positive. If your mind has the nutrients that it needs, you will be more positive. You will be able to see the solutions to your challenges more clearly. The third step is that you must be grateful. You must be grateful for everything you already have, and everything you are going to receive in the future. Finally, you need to get outside and appreciate nature. It’s true, nature has healing powers. That’s all there is to it. It sounds super simple, and it is. 
Healthy Body +
Healthy Mind +
Nature +
Gratitude =
Healthy, Happy, Abundant Life.

Thanks for reading this far, I’m proud of you. Please leave me some feedback, if you have your own positivity tricks I would love to hear what they are. Help build our HAPPINESS THROUGH NATURE and POSITIVITY community. Get involved and leave some feedback or just say hi.
Thanks for being here

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Life Lessons from a Tomato plant.

Scraggly, yet so alive

     How do you face your day? Do you shrink in fear every morning when the alarm clock goes off. “Oh my god, another day, it’s going to suck, oh just ten more minutes of sleep, I can’t face life yet.” Or do you hop out of bed using no alarm clock because you are so pumped that every day is Christmas morning and you can’t wait to face the day? Or maybe you’re in between those two extremes. We all have our own way of facing life. There is no one size fits all in the game of life. There are really no rules at all. Life can be whatever you want to make it. 

     Sounds far out crazy, right? Only those goofy happy thought people and crazy religious folks believe that nonsense. Like most of you I am somewhere in between extremes. I am not a crazy happy person, but I am happy. I am not crazy religious but I am spiritual. I also believe that nature has an answer for all of our problems. You have to be willing to slow down and observe. When you start observing your natural surroundings you will begin to see life in a slower, more flowing way. 

     If you are one of my religious friends whether you are Christian, Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or anything in between, your religious doctrines bottom line says that you need to face adversity head on, fearless, with total faith in a positive outcome. If the first outcome is less than you expected, you are to know with absolute confidence that you will eventually succeed in your desires. Your beliefs dictate how you must face the day. Your choice is to face the day in anticipation of what god throws your way, knowing that everything is a learning experience, and everything will work out in the end. . 

     To my non-religious friends, you wake up everyday and face whatever the world brings your way. Whether you believe it or not, you are facing your fears. You have no choice. Life still comes at you no matter what. You cannot hide from it. The choice you have to make is how you face the day. It is your job to know with absolute confidence, that whatever comes your way will be a learning experience, and you must learn the lesson, or repeat it until you do. 

     I want to share a story with you about my Miracle Tomatoes. Florida is a challenging environment for tomato plants. Especially on my little patio. In the winter, the best climate for tomatoes, I only receive 2-4 hours of sunlight a day. Tomatoes need at least 6 – 8 hours for optimal growth. The summer, when I receive the required 6 – 8 hours of sunlight, Florida’s heat and humidity soars (not ideal tomato weather). The aphids, spider mites appear in droves looking for plants to devour. It rains, sometimes torrential downpours every day. This is not making the tomatoes happy. 

     With all of these challenges facing me, I wake up one day in the fall, and another day in the spring, yes twice a year, and I go and plant my tomatoes. Every year my tomatoes provide a bounty of fruit. Yes I fertilize and diligently care for them. But I also acknowledge the greater power, how amazing the plants are. I say, or sometimes just think, “wow, thank you for some amazing plants. Thanks for my Miracle Tomatoes.” I am grateful for the plants and the fruits they will provide. 

     Seriously, look at the pictures this poor plant has had, mites, blight, aphids, white fly, worms, too much water, and now heat and humidity. Look how little it is hanging on to life with. Yet, look at all the tomatoes it is still providing. This is my 4th harvest from this plant. It just keeps facing adversity and succeeding. It can’t get up and move like you. Nope, the miracle plant just adapts and pushes on regardless of what life throws at it. I will tell you a fact. This is how all my tomatoes grow. Scraggly and yet full of life. 

     My life has never been perfect. You might even call it scraggly and without purpose. Today I am still scraggly, but everyday I wake up knowing that my health is great, I will learn something new during the day. I will be grateful for many things throughout the day. I will try to do something to make a dream (or goal) of mine come closer to fruition. I know that I might get punched in the face and fall down. But I am certain that when I get back up, and I will get back up, that I will be stronger for learning what not to do. 

     If your life is feeling kind of scraggly, and you’re not seeing a straight path ahead of you. I suggest you take some quiet time in nature and just allow answers to come to you. When you allow the universe, or god to just flow through nature and through you, the answers will just show up . Don’t fight it. You should just simply let the answers flow to you. 

     Just like the miracle tomatoes, who do nothing but push forward in an extremely negative environment, and yet are succeeding beyond my expectations. You too can push through your environment and succeed beyond your current beliefs. You simply need to relax and let life show you the way. You obviously need to steer the ship, as it were. You need to be vocal about your desires, dreams, and wishes (goals). Let the world know what you really want. Then let it happen. Sounds really easy, and it is fairly simple in theory. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel immediate success with allowing the flow to guide you. Keep “not” trying, and the answers will come. 

     Life will never be perfect. If you take the cue from nature, from my pear tomatoes, nothing in nature, including us is perfect. The trick is for you to realize that what life is giving you is the opportunity to find more perfection. Realizing that in reality, everything that happens to you is an opportunity for growth. Face life’s adversity head on, fearless and confident in your ability to not just survive, but to thrive. 

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