Are you wondering why your not healthier, happier, or more abundant? Has life seemed to pass you by and now your looking for a new source of joy? Do you run out of energy during the day, get annoyed by little things at home or at work?

All of these symptoms can be fixed with a naturally healthy body and a positive, grateful mindset. In nature when a plant has all the nutrients, water, sunlight and oxygen that it needs, it will grow perfectly, fighting off pests and disease with ease. Your body and mind are the same as a plant in nature. When you are not creating negative side effects by consuming processed chemical laden foods, and synthetic drugs, or filling your mind with negativity (think watching the news) then you will grow perfectly as well.

Like nature, growing perfectly takes time, and intentional, consistent positive actions. Eating and medicating naturally, as well as being grateful, and finding the good in every life circumstance, is how you take positive actions in your life.

An easy first step is by following along as I release chapters of my book THE HAPPINESS EFFECT. I will take you through my life’s journey from an unhappy, unhealthy victim, to a happy, healthy winner. After hearing my story, and some simple life shifts that will start your journey to a better life, you will learn about natural foods that have healing power. (actually all of nature provides healing benefits). Once you have the knowledge of how natural nutrients work better than synthetic substances, you will learn about how being in nature is the easiest way to maintain good health. Finally I teach simple steps you can take today, to create a happier mindset. You will be able to find positivity in every situation you face.

I hope you not only enjoy the book, but it changes your life! This book was written because the information inside drastically improved my life, ans I know it will improve your life as well…. Enjoy….


Simple life shifts that have the power to create massive gains in your health, happiness, and abundance


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“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.”
– Barbara DeAngelis

Chapter 1


Happiness doesn’t grow on trees or spring up from the ground, and it is not something that you can buy at the store. Yet, in our constant search for happiness, we spend millions of dollars on books, tapes, and seminars that teach us how to become more satisfied with life. I personally have spent countless hours and dollars on health and happiness information. Not only have I spent the money and time researching, but I have put into practice much of what I learned. Like many of you I was confused when I was eating healthy and yet I was still incredibly negative. I know people that wake up beaming with sunshine and positive energy, however their bodies are always sick. You may be thinking this is just another self help book that doesn’t fix all the issues, or provide a lifestyle that can help you maintain good health and happiness. But this could be the last book on creating happiness that you need, because it will set your life’s foundation, improving your health by embracing nature, and teaching you how to find positivity all around you. You will learn that abundance follows positivity. From this day forward you will be able to control your own life. You will know how to be healthy and positive every day. You will learn that when you feel happy, abundance flows easily into your life. It happens every time.

For many of us, the idea of not having enough money is why we are not satisfied with our lives. We have been brainwashed into believing that money will solve all of our problems. “If only I had more money, I could…” You might be saying to yourself, “Everyone they show on television with money appears happy, the Kardashians appear pretty happy.” However, money alone does not make you happy, or content with life. You can have money, a nice house, expensive cars, and vacations and still be miserable.

You might think a huge mansion, a new Mercedes, and a million-dollar salary would instantly make you happy. Having lots of money and expensive toys makes life easier and more enjoyable, definitely. But as you know, having things is not the answer. When your favorite pet or a loved one dies, your health fails, or you don’t have any family or friends, you immediately forget how good the material things made you feel. When challenges in life knock on your door, money won’t make you smile anymore. You must first find happiness inside of yourself, and then abundance will follow you. Guaranteed.

What is it about happiness that is so elusive? Why aren’t we all running around with goofy grins on our faces? We all want to be in a total state of bliss, so why aren’t we? Why do we pay for books, videos, and seminars searching for the source of joy? Why is it so hard to find consistent happiness? What is happiness? According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, ‘happiness’ is “the state of well-being and contentment.” Happiness is only an emotion, a feeling. Who controls your feelings and emotions? Only you! I could stop writing this book right now, because the key to happiness is you! There, you have it. The secret is out: the only thing stopping you from being happy is you. Your mind controls your emotions, good, bad, frustrated, relieved, tired, alert, joyful, angry. That fact alone should fill you with joy and positive thoughts.

We are our thoughts. What you think about today, you will become tomorrow. When you learn to control your thoughts, you will become a psychic. You will know exactly how your life is going to turn out. You will know that you are going to be healthy, happy, and abundant, because only you can determine your satisfaction with life.

I was once asked, “How can I make my kids happy?” That is a great question, and the answer is simple. You cannot make someone else be happy. Your children will have to learn how to create happiness for themselves, and they will. However, there is a secret that you can use to help your kids or those around you to become and stay happy. Are you ready to hear this? Here is the secret: When you decide to be happy with yourself and live your life with a positive and grateful attitude, your kids (and most people around you) will want to be like you. Many times when I go to the store I set an intention to be nice to whoever I run into no matter what. This is going to sound crazy, but when I do this everyone in the store smiles at me, or nods their head as if saying hello. If I do run into a negative person, a quick happy response and a big smile usually creates a positive and friendly exchange.

People will be attracted to your happy mindset. It’s an amazing feeling! All of a sudden, you will notice that most people around you are in a good mood. Wherever you go, people will go out of their way to be positive. Your optimism becomes contagious. Your enjoyment with life becomes a happiness magnet to those around you. Your happiness and positivity will bring good things to you and to those you love. This is what I like to call the happiness effect.

The coolest part of this is that the universe is designed to provide you with abundance. Most things in nature have more than they need to survive. A tree in the forest can live for hundreds of years, never moving, and all of its needs are met by nature. There are only four steps that you must take in order to receive this gift of abundance. First of all, you must get your body healthy. If your body does not have the natural nutrients it needs, your mind will never function at one hundred percent, and you will never be completely balanced. The second step is to get your mind healthy. If your brain has all the nutrients that it needs, you will be more positive, and you will be able to see the solutions to your challenges more clearly. The third step is to be grateful. You must be grateful for everything you already have, and everything you are going to receive in the future. Finally, you need to get outside and embrace nature. Nature has healing powers.

That’s all there is to it. It sounds super simple, and it is.

Healthy Body +
Healthy Mind +
Nature +
Gratitude =
Healthy, Happy, Abundant Life.

Republicans Democrats – Christians Muslims – left right – black white

Come together, right now…
The Beatles said it best.

Wow! The world seems to be pretty divided right now. Just last night I heard Democrats screaming that the Republicans are the problem with America, and then I heard Republicans screaming the Democrats are the problem. Four years ago I heard that President Trump will make America great again. And twelve years ago I was told that President Obama would make America great again. So which is it? 

From where I’m sitting (I’m an Independent. I don’t need a party to tell me what to think, I can think for myself, and you should too), both sides, and all Americans want the same things. Good income, safe neighborhood, strong house, choice of good food, respect from others, and hope. If you actually read the Republican and Democrat platforms they are almost identical on intent, but worded differently. Here is the problem; we all have similar basic wants, both parties tell us they want us to have our basic wants, so why are we fighting about it? 

You might be thinking that the Democrats are only helping the poor, and the minorities. And Republicans only care about the rich and powerful. Well here’s the thing, 90% of politicians in our government, ARE MILLIONAIRES. Does someone who has every need and most wants met know what the person making $10,000, $30,000 even $100,000 a year needs or wants? There is a huge disconnect, and yet we the 98% fight with each other over which party loves us more. I will use president Biden as my example. He has been a democrat leader for 47 years, he is paid by our tax dollars. HOW DID HE BECOME A MILLIONAIRE? Sorry I got sidetracked, Biden has spent 47 years working for us and nothing has changed except his families bank accounts. But it’s not just Biden. It is 90% of our leaders. 

Everything has two sides, it takes two to tango, two to fight, two to create life. I believe that you can attribute this to a law of the universe known as the law of duality. Which states that everything has an opposite. Light – dark, big – little, or up – down. Our emotions also operate on this law. As in happy – sad, or love – hate. Now I want you to think about this; at what point does hot become cold? Or when does light become dark? To a nocturnal animal nighttime is bright as day. However to you and me it seems dark. I am freezing when the temperature drops below 60°, I live in South Florida where thankfully it doesn’t drop that low very often. But if you live in Canada it may feel extremely hot at 60°. I’m not bad for feeling cold, and Canadians aren’t bad for feeling hot. 

The point I’m trying to make is that we all see the same things in different ways. Which is exactly how the universe is designed. We are normal, we are operating just as the universe intended. Once you realize that we are all the same, have similar wants and needs, and our differences have been designed by God, Allah, the Universe, or whatever you believe created us. Then you can see our differences as blessings from a creator, and open your mind to other points of view. We will all see, feel and think differently. You will never think exactly as I think. It is impossible. We may have similar beliefs but we will never think exactly alike, because we have had a different set of life experiences, and that’s ok. We can be different and still be friends 

We all need to take a step back and look at each other as if we are one and the same, because we are! The only way to become one country, one world, one universe is by embracing our differences. By being grateful for our differences and respecting our differences.

The Golden Rule

I’m sure you’ve heard of The Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would do unto me. Ie: treat people, animals, plants the way you want to be treated. You want to be treated with respect, treat others with respect. You want happy cashiers at the store? Treat them with happiness, want to be liked, be likeable.

I’m sure you’ve heard all of this before, it’s not new information. We all want to be treated with respect, we all need to be accepting of our differences, we all just wanna get along. So, as Nike™ says, “JUST DO IT”! Start getting along! Start showing respect! Begin the process by you sharing happiness, love and respect, and then watch how those same things come back to you.

We are all the same. One world, one giant organism. So we better get along, or we become extinct.

If we all do this the world would be an amazing place. After all if variety is the spice of life, then let’s embrace our own individual variety! Let’s change the world by changing ourselves.

Chemical FREE meat

An excerpt from chapter 11 of THE HAPPINESS EFFECT.

Check out Ch 11 on my YouTube channel

Let me take a second and talk about meat. As you noticed, I didn’t include it in the “big three.” Why? The vegan diet is pretty powerful, and vegans have proven that you can survive on a plant-based diet. The key word is “survive.” You are not looking to just survive. You are reading this book because you want a perfectly balanced life in total happiness and abundance.

Cow sitting in their own feces. Looks healthy right?

     The truth is that I am a meat eater, although I fill up on vegetables. I really love ground beef; I think I could eat a hamburger every day. I would, however, substitute goat meat for beef if the cost was reasonable. Goat meat is extremely beneficial for you with its high nutrient and high protein content, without the bad fats from beef. Goats are also mostly organically raised, and the meat really just tastes like beef (at least when ground, it does). Goats take up less space to raise and release less methane than cows, which would help our environment. However, Americans consume more beef than any other wealthy country, and Americans are near the bottom of the good health list when it comes to wealthy countries. I wonder if there could be a connection. Hmm.

    Have you ever seen the tv show, Friends episode where Joey had meat sweats? To this day when I eat low quality meat, I tend to sweat profusely. My wife and I tested this and when I eat meat without chemicals, I have no reaction. It seems to be the chemicals in low quality meats. I try to only eat naturally fed (grass, free range, or pasture) meat without any chemicals added. I will not buy meat with hormones or antibiotics in it, as they affect our bodies in a very negative way. I prefer non-GMO meat. GMO crops have all been chemically treated, so the animal’s body is absorbing those unnatural chemicals as well, which means when we eat meat, our bodies will inherit traces of chemicals from fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides. Also, GMO corn and soybean fed cattle have less nutrient value than pasture-raised livestock. According to “Conventional grain-fed beef is highly nutritious, but grass-fed beef contains more carotenoids, vitamin E and other antioxidants.”

     I feel that paying a little more money for chemical-free meat is worth the cost. Better quality meat makes a huge difference in how your body is able to digest it, which benefits your other life centers as well.
     I made my decision to continue eating meat because vegans do not consume vitamin B12 and some other smaller, less essential nutrients in great enough quantities to allow their bodies to reach a perfect balance. If you only eat plants, you will need to take B12 supplements to find balance in your body, which means you have to take a synthesized or man-made substance. But if you have to take a man-made chemical, doesn’t it kind of defeat the purpose of going vegan? This one little fact tells me our bodies are designed, or have evolved, to require the nutrients that can only be obtained through consuming animal protein.    

     We as a society need to figure out how to produce enough meat in a humane way, without using chemicals. Maybe we could try going back to smaller local farms growing crops and raising livestock for their immediate county’s use. We don’t need to feed the world. We do need to feed each other. Just a thought.

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Gratitude is the key…

As the new year approaches, I thought that a little reminder that abundance follows gratitude might help you start your new year.

Yup, it’s true… what you’re thankful for today will be multiplied for you tomorrow. This is true in all areas of your life, however today I’m going to talk solely about money.

If you want more money be grateful for what you already have. I have seen this manifest in my life in a way that still seems rather enchanting. For most of my life I was always complaining about the lack of money I had. I bitched that others got the breaks and it was someone else’s fault that I was broke. Even when an unexpected bonus, or extra cash showed up in my life, I would complain how it wasn’t enough, why didn’t I get more, and then I would rush out and spend it. I would also complain as I spent my money saying “if only it was more, why don’t I ever have enough?” I would complain about how everyone has more than me, and I allowed this negativity to rule my life. Do you want to know what happened? More of the same, I never had enough, and I was never really happy.

Money is good.

Overtime, as I began transforming my life, by reading and researching happiness, positivity, natural foods and medicine, I started to see and feel a change. One day I watched a webinar by author and money guru Ken Honda (his book HAPPY MONEY is great). One point he really focused on was that we need to be just as grateful when we spend money, as we are when we receive money. As he states it “Arigato my money”, or thank you my money. I started to shift my thoughts to gratitude as I paid bills, even when I could not pay them all. On payday I committed to taking a couple of minutes to feel grateful for the money I received, and as I paid the bills, I actually said “Thank you” everytime I hit the pay button or wrote a check. I didn’t focus on the amounts of money in or out. I focused on the feeling of gratitude for having money.

Be grateful for your money… Giving and receiving!!!

Slowly I started noticing that somehow I had money left over, fifty cents one week, $10 another. It wasn’t overnight, but now I had extra money in my checking account. Not thousands, but enough to have breathing room. My credit score went from around 350 to over 700, all in less than a year. I stopped attaching worry, fear, anger and anxiety over my finances, and replaced those feelings with happiness and gratitude for my money.

This simple shift has brought me more abundance than I can say. It works with uncanny perfection. I believe it to be true that being thankful, or, arigato for our money will bring more contentment, confidence, and money into your life. I have lived the experience and it works… like a charm.

How will you embrace gratitude for your money in 2021? Will you continue to worry, and complain that you don’t have enough? Or, will you embrace gratitude for what you have? As is true in ALL things in our lives, The choice is yours, I know you will make the best choice.

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Nature signs.


On Sunday morning I enjoy easing into my day around 7 am. As the sun wakes up and streaks yellows, oranges, and the occasional prism of colors in the clouds, I begin to feel one with the universe. As the light warms the oak tree canopies I begin to hear the sound of song birds in the distance. The first to share her delight with life is the mockingbird. She has a strong vibrant whistle that can sing a variety of tunes. Next are the blue jays with loud joyous calls, while their babies are tweeting softly. The doves circle around the feeding tray softly cooing, (yes, I’m guilty of feeding the birds. Is it ethical? It brings me joy, is that selfish? Is it bad to change the natural way of things? Leave a comment below) That’s a topic for another day.

Sometimes I’m blessed with the high pitch, yet strong song from a cardinal, or a family of black birds, that hack and cough to scare others away, it’s kinda funny. Woodpeckers that knock, knock, knock their heads against a tree, then sneek in to the free breakfast tray when no one is looking.

Some days I may throw out some old bread crumbs, and on those days 10 to 20 crows will flock to my oak tree tops. Then after a few minutes of scouting the area, they will swoop down enmass each one flying directly to his piece of bread. It is an amazing display of organized nature at work. It is awesome watching them perform this precision dance as a collective group.

On my most blessed days a Cooper’s hawk will disrupt the entire scene buzzing in, trying to pick one of the birds off as they enjoy breakfast. The hawk misses its first attack, which seems to be more of a reconnaissance mission, and will then perch high on one of the trees. Here it can observe the action below. However the second the hawk shows up, all other wildlife vanishes. One second nature having a breakfast fiesta, the next only the hawk remains.

Mental strength.

Rumor has it that many cultures view having a hawk in your life as a good omen. I view it as a strong sign that God, the universe, Source, nature is on my side, and bringing me strength. It doesn’t matter if that’s true or not. As long as I believe it, it is making me stronger mentally. As this display of strength only happens sporadically, I see it as the universe giving me strength when I need it most.

Take time to embrace nature.

My connection to nature is what keeps me going in a positive direction. We all need a way to get through our daily lives without going insane. With work, families, friends, bills, etc. when do you find time to reconnect with who you really are? Do you ever stop to “smell the roses?” If you are searching for a way to keep your body and mind balanced, take a minute and enjoy the natural world around you. If you are looking for answers to your life’s questions, pay attention to the bird that just flew by, or the fly that just keeps sitting on your shoulder. Maybe, just maybe the universe has your back, and is trying to point you in the direction of least resistance to achieving your dreams.
The next time you experience a crow, cawing non-stop loudly outside of your window, take a second to reflect on the possibilities that nature is trying to help you, then show gratitude by saying thank you for the experience. Whether it’s real or not, you will feel better, and mentally you will be stronger because nature is on your side. You will feel as if you have a partner in life. It works for me, you may want to try it for yourself, or search online

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