Hugs Are Healing!

Hugs Are Healing

Social distancing INCREASES the risk of mortality by 29%.

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      We are in some crazy times, with the covid19 pandemic creating an uneasy, confused feeling among many of us. Many of us are laid off from our jobs. Furloughed, a new word in my vocabulary which I have learned to use. Many of us have no idea when we can work and provide for our families. We are being forced to rely on handouts from the government for the first time in our lives. Creating a stressful, uneasy feeling in our lives. Just ask any Venezuelan how it feels when the government runs out of money to give, and there are still no jobs. 

     This is creating a very stressful situation for most people. The emotions that come with having no control over your life can be debilitating. Six of the top ten causes of death worldwide are related to stress. I guess you could say stress can be attributed to around 30 million deaths a year worldwide (stats from World Health Organization website) that’s a lot of dead folks. This COVID-19 even without social distancing may kill a million or two at most. (just speculation). 

     I’m sharing that statistic with you because being forced to stay away from others, is very likely creating more problems for us than it is solving. It is creating high amounts of stress. As a matter of fact according to scientific literature by Julianne Holt-Lunstad, a research psychologist at Brigham Young University, and other colleagues determined that chronic social isolation increases the risk of mortality by 29%. On top of that, fear has been bred by the media, and our leaders, and that is creating major anxiety for many people. We could see many people die. Not from a virus, but from complications and stress caused by social distancing. 

    I would bet that many of you don’t know that the sense of touch is the first sense to develop in the womb. The sense of feeling, or touch is so important for a baby’s development that nature has ensured that the sense of touch comes first. It is also the first sense to become fully developed. Obviously this is a pretty important part of life! 

     For those of us that enjoy kissing, a baby’s mouth (and yours) is more sensitive to touch than anywhere else on the body. Probably why everything a baby touches, goes into their mouth. They are learning how things feel everytime they taste something. A child’s development relies heavily on touch. It has been proven that adolescents that receive hugs are generally better adjusted to society, have higher test scores, more friends and many other advantages over children who are touch neglected. 

     As we get older touching continues to be a major benefit to our lives. Hugging another human has been proven to reduce blood pressure, which then improves your entire cardiovascular system. Hugging increases serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin (the happy hormones) in our brains. This creates an anti-aging, antidepressant, environment in our minds. 

Hugging has been proven to actually improve our immune system, prevent virus infection, and when infected hugging reduces the length of sickness symptoms.    

     Hugging can, and will reduce stress. Have you ever seen someone hyperventilating, or crying hysterically and then being held lovingly by someone? Did you notice how quickly the crying subsided after the hug started? We could talk about babies again and point out how babies love to be held when they are crying, they need to be held. They need to actually FEEL the love. Grown-ups are no different. We need to feel the love.

     Finally hugging is a pain reliever. Think of the young kid who gets hurt playing sports. A parent or coach gives the child a hug and walla, the pain subsides. You bonk your head on the table, your partner hugs you, the pain slowly fades. #HUGSHEAL they really do.

COVID-19 is killing people, separation anxiety and lack of social contact may kill people as well. 

     My uneducated, non-medical advice is to go out and hug someone, and feel the love. Face adversity and fear head on. After all it’s a cold we are shying from. Wash your hands and face, put on clean clothes, wear a mask if you or someone you’re with is high risk, then HUG each other and feel the love. It is FREE healthcare after all. 


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Nature could Save 3 million lives.

  Can eating and medicating with nature actually make you healthier and more balanced? Doesn’t modern medicine and prescription drugs enable us to live longer, healthier and happier lives? Today’s food and healthcare systems are saving lives, however when you eat processed foods, or take synthetic medicine you are altering your body in an unnatural way. Which will require you to take additional synthetic products to balance the unnatural effects that man-made food and medicine creates. You become a passenger on a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows of poor and good health. However when you eat and medicate naturally you are creating homeostasis in your body. Our body’s react better to nature than man-made chemicals. 

         Below you will find an excerpt for the book I am writing “Balanced life, Happy Life”, or maybe “lazy way to balance and abundance”?. 

     Three million people die annually from symptoms created by an unnatural, processed food, synthetic diet. That is 8219 people dying everyday from symptoms that they created themselves! You wanna save yourself and the world? Learn about embracing nature to create balance in your life.

Unedited excerpt from; Balanced Life, Happy Life. By Stephen T Radentz:

“The pharmaceutical drugs are less expensive than the fruits, vegetables, and herbs that will keep you healthy and balanced naturally. For the majority of Americans it is less expensive to take unnatural, synthetic drugs, than it is to eat a healthy diet. That is a very sad fact.

Another exciting part of our healthcare system is that the drugs are actually subsidized by the American government, using your tax dollars. However, the healthy, fresh, natural fruits and vegetables that will guarantee you good health, get less than three percent of all agricultural subsidies. The other ninety-seven percent of government agricultural subsidies (your tax dollars) go to mostly GMO corn, soybeans, cotton, wheat, and sorghum. Which are then converted into highly refined sugar, high salt, processed foods with synthetic nutrients, like high fructose corn syrup, which is in most if not all processed foods. You get to pay a premium for the foods that will keep you healthy, and the stuff that will kill you is cheap because your tax dollars subsidize it. Isn’t that super cool? YOU are paying the companies that are killing you.

That is awesome… right? Super cool stuff. And, in case you were wondering, according to Johns Hopkins University 250,000 people die from medical errors every year, and according to the Journal of American Medical Association 150,000 people die from adverse effects of prescribed medications each year. That is a minimum of 400,000 people that die every year from mainstream medicine, our healthcare system. (statistics from 2017)

     I’m sure that you have heard of the opioid epidemic that our American government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars on trying to “fix it” (your tax dollars hard at work). Opioids kill on average 45,000 people a year, and this “epidemic” is in the headlines everyday. Yet eight times as many people are killed using our healthcare system and you hear nothing? 400,000 people have died from our healthcare system this year and last year, and the year before that, and no one is talking about this. Not one single headline swearing vengeance on our health system. Nope, no one seems to care. Well, I Care, and you should too! 

     According to the National Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), here are the leading causes of death in America. Most of these can be eliminated by eating naturally grown foods, medicating with naturally grown plants, and having a positive lifestyle! When you add up the top causes of death in America nearly three million deaths could be reversed by a simple lifestyle change. Check it out: 

* Heart disease: 635,260 (may be prevented with healthy diet) 

* Cancer: 598,038 (may be prevented with a healthy body and mind) 

* * Tobacco 440,000 (Quit smoking

* *250,000 medical errors (DON’T go to doctors if your not dying) 

* Accidents (unintentional injuries): 161,374 (be careful, pay attention to details) 

* Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 154,596 (may be prevented with a healthy body and mind) 

* *Adverse effects from pharmaceuticals 150,000 (Eat and medicate naturally, no need for pharmaceuticals) 

* Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 142,142 (may be prevented with a healthy body and mind) 

* Alzheimer’s disease: 116,103 (may be prevented with a healthy body and mind) 

* *Alcohol 88,000 (STOP drinking alcohol

* Diabetes: 80,058  (may be prevented or controlled with a healthy diet) 

* Influenza and Pneumonia: 51,537 (may be prevented with a healthy lifestyle) 

* Intentional self-harm (suicide): 44,965  (may be prevented with a healthy body and mind) 

* *Cannabis  (saves lives) 

(* stats from

** added to list for effect, stats from various government websites 2017) 

     You get to pay twenty percent of your salary for medical care that is killing you, and not one single government, or medical professional is trying to stop it. No one is telling you these facts.”

Follow along with my journey ans together we’ll learn how to defeat the above causes of death. We will overcome fear through good health, Positivity, and nature.

Or if you would rather read a 50 page booklet on cannabis check out:

Medical Marijuana: The Simple Truth

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