Solutions for… A Case od the Mondays

Do you have 

A case of the Mondays?

Stay focused on positivity.

For many people, Monday can be a challenging day. After two days of rest and relaxation, parties, work around the house, and just living on your own schedule, not answering to a boss, customers, or coworkers, can make the thought of real life a daunting task. Did you know that Mondays see more suicide attempts than other days, with Sundays seeing the fewest? Many of you don’t keep up with the news over the weekend, and on Monday morning when you wake up, the first thing you do is turn on the news, and immediately you’re filled with dread. Which increases the nausea associated with your case of the Mondays. 

     Knowledge is power, and when you are aware of the stresses you’re up against, especially on Monday morning, you are able to form a plan, or set an intention to rise above the depressing thoughts you create about Monday. You have the power to make a case of the Mondays, into a positive experience. You control your feelings, by controlling your thoughts. You can cure your Case of the Mondays. 

     Do you want Monday to be your best day? Then try this… 

  1. Sunday night, plan your week ahead. Think about, or write down goals for the week. What will you accomplish? Visualize the tasks that must be done. This can be done in seconds, or hours. Simply spend some time seeing your future. 
  2. Before going to sleep say “Thank You” for the good stuff in your life. (out loud or silently doesn’t matter) Then, in a grateful state of mind… fall asleep. 
  3. First thoughts Monday morning… replay any good feelings you had from the weekend. Feel the joy that you felt at the time, and then say thank you. Out loud or in your mind doesn’t matter, simply start Monday being thankful for the good times you recently had. Spend a couple minutes simply feeling gratitude for your life. 
  4. Monday morning while getting ready for the day, feel yourself accomplishing the tasks you thought about sunday. Visualize yourself accomplishing the goals you have ahead of you. See solutions to negativity that may pop up. Use this time to see your future in a positive way. 
  5. … **IMPORTANT**……. Tell yourself…. “TODAY IS GOING TO BE A GREAT DAY” try to feel how good your day will be. (sometimes you may have to tell yourself this the entire trip to work. But don’t give up, keep telling yourself until you feel like today is gonna be a great day!)
  6. Relax, you have set your intention to have a great day. Now, allow the universe, God, Allah, etc. to work their magic to bring about your desire. 

This is a simple exercise and with practice you can set your life up everyday. You are in total control even when you feel totally out of control! Take the time to set up your day with intention. You will be amazed at your results!

Share some of your daily motivation secrets with us. How do you set up your day? Do you have a morning or evening routine that helps keep you motivated and grateful? 

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Garden Journaling

    These pictures are from 3 years ago. We had an heirloom tomato (I forget the variety) that grew 18′ tall and provided cherry 🍒 tomatoes for about 6 months. It finally succumbed to Florida’s wet and aphid-y summer. What an awesome plant. I wish I could remember the variety. Which brings up a great point 👉…

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18′ Tomato plant

     We should all keep a journal of our gardening experiences. For many years I did this while I was learning how to grow medicinal plants. I needed to know how they grew, what nutrients they needed and when, light conditions, watering variables. When you really pay attention, a plant needs a lot of caring. Yes you can put seeds in the ground and they will grow. However when you create a bond with a plant things tend to grow a lot better. Also, when you keep track of all the requirements and time invested, you will learn to appreciate nature at a whole new level. You may even begin to see how our lives are very similar to a plant’s. Our cells function in much the same way. We both need food, water, nutrients, to survive. Believe it or not plants seek out their desires just like us. 

     Keeping a diary, journal, or just taking some notes will make you a more educated gardener. You don’t have to get super detailed unless you want to. I will say that after a year or two of journaling, it is interesting to go back and read your notes. Sometimes you’ll recognize a plant symptom that you already know how to fix, and it will be in your journal. In the case of my 18′ tomato, had I kept a record, I would have been able to tell you the variety, and I would grow it again. 

     I have listed a couple journals from Amazon below to give you an idea of what is available or you can make your own. I use a 6X9 note pad. Use whatever is easy for you. If your love is gardening then just briefly jot down some notes. You will be glad you did. 

Here’s a really detailed journal for the experienced gardener. This is a little much for me, I like to keep it simple. If you’re a more scientific gardener, then I recommend this journal. Really good information but it will take some dedication to keep up with it.

     Next is a pretty basic journal that may be good for a beginner contains the following sections

 Garden Zoning Map, Monthly Garden Planner, Monthly To-Do Lists, Plant Profile Pages, Seed Tracker, pre-printed templates. 

Plant Tracker, Harvest Tracker, Expense Tracker, Soil Amendment/Fertilizer Tracker, Problems/Pests, 50 blank ruled pages for journaling. 

     It sounds like a lot of information, but once you start documenting your garden journey you will be glad you tracked it.

And finally here is a simple notepad. However, it is one of the toughest little notepads I have seen. It is actually weather resistant, repels water, mud, oil, dirt and grime. It’s a tough little book. Which obviously makes it perfect for the note taking gardener.

If you’re seriously going to grow things I recommend you record your journey. The benefits of connecting with your plants on an educated level will make a big difference in your gardening experience. 

Stay: Balanced By Nature 

5 Herbal tea recipes

Herbal Tea Booklet

    5 herbal tea recipes that will balance your body throughout the week. You will learn about each herb used. How it works with your body, what benefits are provided by each herb. You will also learn some fun facts and history of how each herb has been used. You are not just getting these tea blends:

  1. Balanced
  2. Cold and Flu 
  3. Energized
  4. Sleepy time
  5. Immune Booster

    You are also getting some amazing health facts that could change your life. There have been studies conducted that showed that knowing how a nutrient is supposed to help you, actually improves the healing benefits. This is why I give you each herb and the main benefits they provide to your body. You are getting over 15 herbs and how they work with your body. Knowing how and why a tea blend is helping your body, will increase your health twofold. First the actual nutrients will begin healing and maintaining balance in your body. Secondly your mind will expect to feel a certain way. You will know how the herbs will affect you, giving you a mental advantage over poor health. 

     Life is about balance, and these recipes can assist your body in reaching homeostasis. In order to reach perfect balance you will need to bring nature into your body (these herbs will do that), and you need to stay mentally strong, and positive as well. These 5 Tea recipes can provide both physical and mental health benefits. Drink in the benefits and stay Balanced By Nature.