Annoying little man

Finding happiness when someone won’t leave you alone. 

     Have you ever had to be around someone that annoyed you so bad that you just wanted to strangle them? Your waking thoughts were focused on how to get this person out of your life, even wishing on their demise or some other misfortune. Many of us have had to deal with that person you just couldn’t get along with. This actually happens all the time and do you want to know something crazy? Nature does the same thing. Some plants will not grow with others. Walnut trees, pine trees, ferns and sunflowers are among the plants that release harmful chemicals to prevent other plants from growing too close to them. Apparently nature (we are a part of nature) is not designed for perfect harmony amongst all things. The universal law of duality states that all things have an opposite. Sometimes opposites will never get along. So how do you deal with the frustration of annoying coworkers, friends, or family? Great question. Unfortunately the answer is not so simple as just ignore them. I have tried this method and although it does work, it is not always so easy. 

     Let me tell you about an experience I had over a three year period. My office hired a new investigator. Let’s call him Jpmack1911. He was a short funny looking guy, about 5’6″, 30 years old and already bald. Loved his guns he claimed, as well as his race. He was the most insecure person I have ever met. He appeared to have downs syndrome, and when he was hired everyone assumed he was special and we were not allowed to criticize the many mistakes that he made, or the odd way that he behaved.

Drawing from thank you!

     JP began copying things that I would say in the office as if he said them originally, trying to fit in. He began trying to dress like me, he would even tell lies about his kids, that he didn’t have, so that he could fit in. After a while he was so annoying i couldn’t even speak when he was around. He was not just a thorn on a personal level, but he had no business being in a position of authority, he was not equipped mentally to handle the responsibilities. Behind his back he was the joke of the department and the store. However no one was allowed to reprimand, guide, or counsel him. Many people coddled him due to his odd looks and behaviors.

The super unfortunate thing was that I had to sit next to him for about six hours a day. Listen to his lies, listen to him trying to tell me about his avid scuba diving days, when in fact he went on a snorkel trip, once, maybe. It was three years of hell on earth for me. The one time I did call him an idiot for not knowing his job after 3 years, I was sent home from work for the day. Crazy…

Jp would even stalk me on my websites and social media, leaving bad misleading reviews, he is probably reading this.. Hi… (although one of his reviews was slightly accurate, and helped me rework my advertising… ThThanks Jn)  When I think back and try to figure out how I stayed sane, and not try to kill him or myself for that matter. I discovered that I could spend my days researching natural foods, medicines, nature, and positive thought. I was fortunate enough to have a smartphone that allowed me to focus on my own interests instead of the annoying guy next to me. My escape from reality was self-education. I was able to learn a lot about nature and how it balances our lives. I learned how plants grow, and how they ensure our good health. I learned that nature has healing powers I studied positive thought mentors like Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard. while jp watched videos of car crashes I was improving many areas of my life through self education. This period of time could have been devastating to my life, and there were many days that I felt like I should just give up. I couldn’t let one person dictate how my life was going to be. I had a choice, I could focus on myself, grow my knowledge base, or focus on the negativity. I was able to move my life forward by adapting to a negative situation by setting an intention to learn, until jpmack1911 was removed from my life. Luckily jp quit working with me, and my emotions became easier to control.

Once the large negative block was taken out of my life, I could relax my mind and I was able to look back on the experience realizing that had it not been for jp, I would never have studied as hard as I did. That little lying, annoying, man was actually a blessing in my life. How crazy is that? What I felt was three years of hell on earth was in fact heaven on earth. Keep your eyes and mind open to what the universe is telling you. Seems there is always a higher power guiding our lives. I should have been open minded and noticed how good I had it. Knowing that this period of my life was not the hell I had perceived, but actually a blessing makes it possible for me to find the positive reasons for what is happening in my life today, and to replay other events in my life in a more positive way. Thus setting me up for a life full of great experiences.

     If you want to ensure you find a lifetime of happiness, you will have to find the good in all events in your life. It is not always easy, and over fifty years I’ve made many mistakes. But I also have had many successes. When I go back through my history, I have hurt people, been hurt by people, loved, hated, I’ve lived a full life, but now I can see how each event was actually a blessing guiding me to be who I am today. Keep looking for the good, it is all around us even when we don’t want to see it. 

     Your goal for today is to see one terrible event in your life, and find how there was actually good that came out of it, or an event taking place right now that you need to create some positive momentum over. Once you see the possibility of good, say thank you. Be grateful that the universe has your back. Focus on the small good that can be found and try to expand it until the whole event screams positivity. You can do it! Our minds are capable of amazing things and adding gratitude to the mix, makes all things possible. Have a great day!?

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Rewrite your life and create the Happiness Effect.

Finishing up The Happiness Effect, my latest book, and I thought I would share a chapter that could help you clean out old unwanted issues in your life. I hope you enjoy it. PLEASE leave some comments let me know what you think. How do you maintain happiness everyday? What are your gratitude rituals? Jump in and start a conversation ✌️💚😁🙏

You have the power to create happiness.

“That’s the nice thing about being human. We only have one life, but we can choose what kind of story it’s going to be.”. Rick Riordan


Rewriting your story

     Another great secret to a positive happy life, is to clear out negative feelings from your past. All of those stories contain the emotions that you felt at the time. Your brain has stored every emotion you have ever had. All the stories from your past, both the good and the not so good, have been recorded in your subconscious mind, and all of those emotions are still directing your life today. Are you being guided by past negativity that continues to play out in the present, and will steer your future as well? Or, is your past emotional library filled with happiness, gratitude, learning, growing and abundance? Your past emotions are sometimes buried beneath a lot of garbage. You will have to throw out some of the garbage you’ve allowed yourself to believe if you want to rewrite your history in positivity. You probably don’t view your life story as all roses and unicorns, so in order to be absolutely filled with consistent happiness, you have to find the good in ALL past experiences. We’ve all had days, or even years where things were tough. Maybe you lost a job, or your house. Maybe you feel a family member did you wrong and you can’t forgive them. Maybe you have had a loved one pass away. These can all be devastating to our present lives. The fact that we have all lived through tough times should comfort you knowing that you are not alone. Every human being has been hit by tough times, and most of us get through it just fine. Those that know that life has to change for the better, and plan their recovery, will get through the challenges with ease. The most successful people will accept the setback, and then plan their comeback. You can overcome any negative feelings that you have ever had, and if you want to be consistently happy you must learn how to do this. 

     Only you have the power to rewrite your story the way you want it to be told. That’s very exciting and should have you jumping up and down doing a happy dance. You should be floating on air because you know that you are in total control of your life, past, present and future, and you control how you want to perceive it all. I know you can do this because I know you have the confidence to overcome all negativity because today… you are here reading this book, and things are about to get a lot better for your life! 

    The simple truth is that you must find the good out of every experience in your past. You need to look back through your life and replay every single memory with a happy ending. For example; your parents left you when you were eight years old, sending you to foster care. This devastated you, it has made you feel unloved your whole life, and you are still blaming every challenge you face on that experience. Now when you replay your life you realize that because of this perceived misfortune, you met your best friend in foster care, and you both are still best friends today. Certainly losing our parents at a young age would be devastating. Many people would see that as an excuse for giving up, or accepting mediocrity. However when you focus on what was the happy ending, and realize that the adversity made you stronger, and allowed you to find your best friend, the whole experience changes into a positive life adventure. In this example you found your life long friend because of the loss you experienced. If you shift your perception of events this becomes a very lucky event that changed your life for the best.    

     Another example could be that a girl or guy broke your heart in ninth grade. So now you don’t get close to anyone, and this makes you feel very lonely. Now as you reverse the loss into a found, you realize that if you didn’t break up with that partner, you wouldn’t have gone to college where you met your business partner, and now you’re both worth millions. 

     You really need to look back and see every moment of your life as having a positive outcome. Sometimes these memories have been buried for years, and we don’t want to bring them to the surface. They are scary, they may make you face fears you don’t even know you have. But in order to re-imagine your life, and create the happiness effect that will last, you will need to be fearless, face past perceived negative experiences, and replay them in a positive way until you can actually feel joy when you think about them. The only way to reach a completely happy and balanced life is to view your life as lucky, happy, positive and abundant. Earlier we talked about the fact that we tend to be what we believe, or that we are what we think we are. This is excellent news because after you spend some time rewriting your life history with an only positive twist, you will begin to wonder why you saw some events as horribly negative. Yes, they were challenging, but you have overcome them with determined positivity. 

    As you rewrite more of your life stories, you will begin to connect the dots that make up your life picture. When you start replaying life as a positive journey, you will see that the perceived negative experiences created a learning environment, allowing you to grow, be a more confident and stronger person. The saying “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger” is true. Every single experience, no matter how bad you feel it was, made you a better person.

     As you practice more, and really try to experience your past life as a happy, good, growing experience you will begin feeling a sense of joy, optimism and happiness everyday. Because you will begin to expect happiness and growth because that’s how your life has always been. The better you can get at this mental shift, the more consistently happy your life will become. You will be amazed at how you are able to look back at everyday in your past and see how it really was ALL GOOD. If your life has been all good, then you will be confident that your life will always be, all good. As the happiness effect takes hold, you will begin to see more happy experiences and more abundance show up in your life. It is like magic. Your new outlook and positive happy mindset will bring you abundance without any other effort on your part, that is so cool!

    Many of you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of changing a family members death into a positive experience. I agree that it sounds daunting. However as you begin shifting to a happiness mindset on a daily basis, you will become more experienced, and comfortable replaying past events in the same way. Like everything in life, it takes a little patience and daily intentional practice.  

     One good way to begin seeing the positive side of things while increasing your gratitude towards life, is to daily use a “gratitude charm”. You simply need to find a rock, a pin, or some talisman to hold at night before going to bed. I use a polished rock that was in the bucket I grew my first turmeric in. While holding your “gratitude charm” replaying the events of the day, and saying thank you for all the good that happened that day. You can say it out loud, or silently in your mind, whatever makes you “feel” the gratitude more fully. Go back through your entire day and replay each event so that each one ends positively, and say thank you. If during the day you learned something new, even if it was painful, that is a positive for your life. Learning, even when painful forces you to grow. And just like nature we need to be always growing. When you are not growing, or moving forward, you are dying and moving backwards. Be grateful for every experience you recieve, and then move on. 

     However, you do need to actually feel emotionally grateful for your entire day, adding feelings to your gratitude, cements the experience in your mind. And if you remember, your subconscious mind will have to believe what you consciously tell it. When you can emotionally feel grateful for every experience, everyday, your abundance and satisfaction with life will explode. 

     I should also let you know that how you start your day will dictate how your day will go. Instead of waking up with negative news, email, or doubt and worry, wake up with gratitude. If three minutes of negative news can ruin your day. Just imagine what five minutes of being thankful can do for your day. When you wake up, take a few minutes and just say thank you for whatever comes to mind. Setting your day up with gratitude will drastically improve how your day is experienced. 

     For the next thirty days I  recommend that you write down at least five things you are thankful for everyday. You can do this anytime during the day, when something you see brings a happiness or grateful feeling, write it down. After thirty days you will be blown away at how much abundance there already is, all around you. Start and end your days with gratitude. The more you are able to do this, the faster your life will become consistently happy, as I’ve said a few times… It’s like magic. 

     As you begin to see how much you have to be grateful for everyday, it will make rewriting your life’s history easier. When a challenge hits you in the present day, and then you replay that event in a positive way that evening, you will begin to see new ways of viewing your past in a positive light as well. Practice makes perfect, but you should not force it. Try to make it a fun experience just seeing good in things. Learn to laugh at yourself, life and the driver who just cut you off.

     Spend some time practicing rewriting your past and see what happens. Once you start changing your history to a positive, grateful one, it will begin forcing your future to be more of the same. If your life has always been about positivity, you can expect your future will be good as well. Happiness follows happiness, and maybe even better, abundance follows happiness too.