Greatness takes time

     December 21st is the winter solstice as well as the shortest day of the year. How many of you noticed any difference between sunset on the 21st, vs the 20th? My Christmas lights come on at 5:30pm and it seemed to be dark about the same time as the day before. As a matter of fact I didn’t notice it getting darker for a week or more before the 21st.

The Grand Conjunction or the Christmas star 2020

     How many of you watched the Grand Conjunction? This was a once every 800+ year astronomical event where the planets Jupiter and Saturn pass close together forming a single bright star. If you had been paying attention throughout the year the two stars slowly came together. There was little difference of the spread everyday, however when you looked back over time the planets covered a lot of sky to come together.

Greatness takes time

     Nature takes its time to create greatness. We are a part of nature, and for that reason creating greatness in our lives also takes time. If you want to live a happier, healthier and more abundant life, you will need to take a step forward everyday. If you read one page in a book, and learn one small thing today, you will become smarter. However when you wake up tomorrow you will most likely see or feel no different. Your life will still be stagnant. Now on day two, three, and so on, if you continue to read one page, and learn one new thought, you will begin to see and feel the change. Now after thirty days, three months, or a year when you look back, you will see how much you accomplished, you will be amazed!

Started from a seed

     Day by day the little changes seem insignificant, but when you add them all up you will see the change as monumental. Just as the difference between December 21st and June 21st is like night and day, accomplishing, learning and growing everyday creates monumental changes to your life over time as well.

One step a day to achieve… ANYTHING

     If you commit to taking that one step everyday, I guarantee you that after 6 months your life will begin looking drastically different. You can be, do, have anything you want, but you have to commit to it daily. Take daily steps, but focus on the long-term change.
We, like nature, take time to achieve greatness.

Nature Provides… Everything

Using our natural resources responsibly, is the key to your future!

let me tell you about my theory that nature provides everything, that every living thing needs. As I have said, a tree in the forest has every nutrient that it needs and will survive without our help and without moving for hundreds of years. You are a part of nature. The universe provides everything you need, every day.
Think about each individual continent on planet Earth. Now visualize how nature provides every nutrient that every living thing needs on that continent. I feel that if our natural resources were better managed, that on each continent you could find the plants and animals that contain all the nutrients that a human being needs to live in perfect homeostasis. Yup, if all people had to survive on their continent alone, with no interaction with other countries, they could. Nature has placed everything we need within our grasp.

Do you agree? What about drought, and the starving people in underdeveloped countries?
My short answer is “if those peoples had better managed their resources, nature would not have abandoned them.”

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DIY vine trellis

New passion vine trellis

What’s up nature lovers, gardening friends, and visitors? I hope you get outside and embrace nature today. It is free healthcare after all…

Our passion vine gets decimated by zebra longwing and gulf fritillary butterfly caterpillars a couple of times a year. I mean it goes from overflowing with leaves, to just a bunch of sticks.

Old Passiflora trellis

It has been grown on an old wooden trellis that was just falling apart. So this year after the caterpillars had their fill, and most of the leaves were gone, the vine was cut back and a new teepee type trellis was constructed. I had some spare pvc pipes laying around, and some twine, that was just perfect for a quick simple trellis for our Passiflora.

Zebra Longwing butterfly

I will miss the butterflies for a little while until the vine re-establishes itself. But for now I’m satisfied with the new trellis which will allow it to grow much larger to support more caterpillars. Yeah!!

If you were wondering how to make this amazingly simple trellis I’ll tell you…

1. Get 4 pvc poles any height you like. I had 4 already cut pipes that were close in height within 4″ of each other, so no cutting needed. My pipe is approx 5′ tall, 2″ diameter pipe.

2 Then I drilled holes through both sides at 10″ increments.

3. Now take some string or??? (any vine climbing material, fishing line, rope, cloth) and thread it through the holes you drilled.

I recommend starting with the top to form the tepee, then cut and tie off that string and start a new line from the bottom, circling the structure. We left one side of the teepee open, so that we could view the center and see what’s going on in there… caterpillars, chrysalis, and other cool stuff.

4. Now as the vine grows, you will have to teach it to climb up the trellis. Simply set it on the spot you want it to attach too, and it will.

That’s all there is to it. It took an hour or less for the whole project, and my cost was $0.

Here comes my nature preaching.. haha…

Working in the garden is one of the most free therapeutic things we can do with our time. It’s your choice how you spend your day, but I can assure you that watching tv, sitting still snacking, is killing you. While being outside could be healing you.

When you are outside you get vitamins from the sun, and beneficial chemicals from the air. When your hands are dirty from gardening you are strengthening your immune system thanks to friendly microbes in the soil.

And… when you become responsible for your plants you are reducing stress, while creating a bind with another living thing. It is mentally stimulating. Working, or playing as I call it, in your garden is possibly prolonging your life. So get outside and garden whenever you can.

Back to my original trellis post…

Have you made a makeshift trellis from scraps?

What simple garden projects have you made from recycled junk?

Post a pic and tell us of your success with penny pinching gardening.

Gardening, and getting dirty, is fun, and healthy for you.

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The universe has your back!

Hawk animal wisdom

As I evolve on my transformation to a more observant human being, I am beginning to see that God, the Source creator, the universe or nature is always watching our backs. Now I’m not saying we all have a couple of invisible, bulky dudes, with machine guns and baseball bats hanging out with us. Or, that we have these invisible angelic beings with wings flying over our heads.
What I believe is that we have to live by a system of choice, or free will. And we were granted life on earth for a purpose, but we weren’t given the rule book. The minute we are created, we begin our earthly experience, and it is up to us, each individual to figure out why we came here, and what we want to learn while we’re here.

There is no rule book.

Since there is no rule book, nature steps up, and then somehow connects with a higher power to guide us along the way. Similar to when you and a friend are walking down the street, and they nudge you a little, so that you don’t step in the puddle of water that you didn’t see.
Now that you’ve been nudged you can either, easily step over the water, go around, or fight it and jump right in. The choice is yours, you can take the path of least resistance and go with the force of the nudge to easily cross the obstacle, or you can try to force a different outcome. Either way nature, or your friend had your back and the choice was yours.

With a little nudge…

Having said that, one way that the universe tries to nudge us is through our interactions with wildlife. This morning as I was enjoying my patio garden, a Cooper’s Hawk hovered within 10′ of me, then landed in a small tree outside of my patio. For the next five minutes we would stare at each other, while he allowed me to snap a couple of pictures of him. Finally bored with the exchange, or maybe opportunity arrived, he chased off after a dove. Very cool experience.

Cooper’s hawk outside my patio

Now here’s the really crazy synchronistic thing; today is the last day of my job of 13 years. Partially due to the COVID-19 virus shutdown, which then led the company into bankruptcy. The company will survive, my job will not. Now this particular job wasn’t always my favorite place to be. So leaving is actually a good thing for me. I have been asking Source for a solution to my dilemma of not enjoying my job, and having a strong need to pay my bills. The universe showed up with a great solution. Close the business down, yet pay Steve a nice severance package so that he has time to work it all out, and pay his bills.
Me losing my job is actually a blessing. Seeing the hawk simply cements that this blessing came from a higher source. Here on my last day of work, a hawk shows up and hangs out with me. Giving me strength, power, and knowledge that I am not alone, and that I am on the right path.


Whenever I am visited by nature ie;
a plant stands out for some reason,
a squirrel stares at me unusually long,
birds flying erratically in my direction,
or a hawk catching my attention and then sitting and watching me.

I will look to Google for a meaning. Then I will meditate, or think about how this exchange between nature and me affects my life; what meaning does it bring.
Throughout history the hawk has been a celebrated animal in many religions, and cultures. In spiritual circles, and indigenous traditions the hawk symbolizes power and focus, clear vision, and a strong connection to the source energy. According to historical traditions, when the hawk shows up in your life, you should pay attention to the subtle messages you are getting. Know that you will need to be strong and focused to achieve your dreams, and you have a partner, nature, to help guide you to success.

Cooper’s Hawk

Here are some of the spiritual associations for the hawk.

Clear Sightedness

Today I sense the message I am getting, is to know that all is well, and God will provide the strength I need to succeed. I also learned that I need to stay especially alert to the next signs that I am given. When you begin to feel that the signs the universe gives you have a meaning, you will definitely see more. Synchronicities will begin showing up everywhere, and you will be amazed at what you start seeing, and feeling.
To sum it up, you will need an open mind and heart to sense what nature is trying to tell you. Remember that not everything is a sign. Nature keeps on moving and is not always about you. However, if you pay attention, you will be given clues to the answers to your life’s rule book. Keep your mind and eyes open. The universe has your back!

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