Zebra Longwing devastates Pasion vine.

Heliconius charithoniaThe Zebra Longwing butterfly is a warm weather insect that is found mostly from Florida, south into Central and S. America. However they have been spotted as far north as Nebraska, crazy! I’ve been to Nebraska and it gets cold there even in July! The Zebra Longwing butterfly relies on passion flower, and only the passion flower for its life to continue. They remember when and where a plant is found, and they will return generation after generation confident that the plant will be there for food for its babies, the caterpillars.Every year here in Florida we look forward to the onslaught of spiney, white and orange crawling caterpillars. They will eventually bring the butterfly to life. Or is it that I wait for the butterfly to bring the caterpillars? You know; which came first the egg or the chicken? My wife loves her butterflies and we encourage them with plants we know they are attracted to.The passion vine, passion flower, or scientifically known as Passiflora attracts the mature longwing butterfly, and is the host plant for this butterfly’s larvae. Meaning that this specific butterfly only lays eggs on this specific plant. And the caterpillars only eat the passion flower leaves.
Every year our plant gets bushy to the point that the trellis is ready to snap under the weight of the leaves. When the vine is allowed to grow it multiplies to gargantuan heights. Maybe exaggerating a little, however it is a very prolific grower.
Somehow nature knows that the vine is ready for an invasion, and then… here comes the voracious appetite of the Zebra caterpillar. Within 2 months or less, all of the leaves are decimated, and the plant looks like it is dead.Once the leaves are gone and the chrysalis have transformed into sexy black and yellow butterflies, the passion vine begins its life anew. Within just a few days after being devoured, small signs of life peak out from the dead looking plant. Before you know it, the vine will be overflowing with success, and then the process starts over.The vine never gives up and just keeps bouncing back. Just like us silly humans need to do. This natural life cycle of insect, and plants is a great demonstration for your life. The vine never gives up. As life challenges it by caterpillars eating all its leaves, passion vine saves just enough gas in its tank to begin its life anew.We are not that different from nature. As a matter of fact, we are nature, so it makes sense that we act and respond in similar ways. When your life seems over, remember the passion vine who bounces back from certain death every year.
You too will bounce back, and begin living again. You always have just enough gas in your tank to start over, it’s nature’s way. Now it is your choice how you use that gas to fuel your life. You just have to decide to get up and start growing again.With just a little positive momentum and some fresh natural nutrients, you will come back strong, just like Passiflora.
With a little faith in yourself you will be confident to transform into a new you. Just like the Zebra Longwing butterfly having faith that a plant will be waiting for its return every year, with faith you will know that the tools that you need to transform will also be there when you need them. With a little belief you will find a way to transform into the perfect you. Then with this knowledge you can begin your journey to a new happier, perfect you.

Do you pray? Meditate? Ask the universe for signs?

Ask, Believe, Receive

     Do you believe that God, Source intelligence, the universe here’s your thoughts? Do you pray, and are your prayers answered regularly? Do you ever ask the universe for something and get an answer? I talk to the universe everyday and I almost always have a question or request that needs to be addressed. However have you ever asked for something in prayer or meditation, received the answer but missed it, or you didn’t take action when you were given the answer? 

     This morning while going through my morning gratitude and motivational routine, I asked the universe to let me make someone happy today. It’s a request I ask many days, because making someone else smile, makes me smile. Might sound selfish, but why not make two people happy with just one act of kindness. Anyway, I asked, and I believed that an answer would show up because the source always comes through with an answer. Not always the answer you’re looking for, but you will definitely get a response if you’re paying attention. Today I had a simple request, and when the opportunity arrived, I didn’t take action. 

     Here’s what happened; I live near the ocean and on my way to the office I like to drive by the beach and see the sunrise. This morning as I near a crosswalk a couple steps up to the street loaded with chairs and other beach supplies. As I begin to slow down, they hesitate. I then step on the gas and they retreat to the sidewalk. 

     This was my first opportunity to make someone smile and I blew it. I should have stopped and let them cross. Their arms were filled, I was comfortably sitting in my truck and there was no good reason to speed up. As I passed the couple, seeing exasperation on their faces, I realized that this was an answer to my request and I totally messed it up. Ask, believe, receive worked perfectly and then I didn’t take action. Poop! 

    When the universe gives you exactly what you ask for, you should probably gratefully accept the gift, and immediately positively act on it. Once you send out a request to your God, or just to the universe you have to immediately begin looking for clues to the answer, and believe that your request will come true. The universe will always respond to your requests. Maybe not exactly as you intended it to happen, but you will get an answer to your prayer. 

     I assumed I would not have an opportunity to make someone smile until after I got to the office, I wasn’t paying attention, and the answer came as I was daydreaming. Reinforcing the fact that I need to keep my eyes open at all times because the universe has my back, and will always reply. 

     As I  immediately caught my faux pas, I first laughed at my missed opportunity, realizing my request had just been granted and I totally missed it, SORRY! I then apologized for missing the opportunity that I had asked for. I also said thank you for providing me an opportunity to make someone smile, answering my request. I promised to catch it the next time when it comes again, making sure to ask for the experience again. The universe doesn’t know what you want, if you don’t ask. 

     I don’t know exactly what I call it when I talk to source intelligence, or God, or ??. Many people I know would say I’m praying to God. However it’s more of a conversation with the universe for me. I spend a minute or two focusing on my breathing and heart beating, then I just start thinking in a conversational way to something greater than me??? I always begin with gratitude, trying to actually have feelings associated with my thanks. “thank you for my body working for me all night, thank you for the sunshine, thank you for my shower”. I try to spend two minutes at least being thankful for my life and the good day I am going to have. Then if I have a request, and who doesn’t? I gratefully ask for my desire. I have some huge desires that I know won’t happen overnight, and I have some small requests like finding a penny, a feather, or the opportunity to make someone smile. The smaller stuff is almost always answered the same day or within 24 hours. My bigger requests obviously take longer to appear, however when I pay attention, I get clear signs that steps are being taken behind the scenes to bring my dreams to reality. It’s pretty cool when the universe or God responds, and you see your dreams taking shape every day. 

     I know we all have our own beliefs and see spirituality in our own ways. I know that from my life experiences that prayer, meditation with the universe, or talking with source intelligence provides answers to our lives. If you don’t believe or care about spirituality then think about this. Quantum physics is proving that we are all connected by an unknown energy source. Aristotle, Plato, Buhda, Mohammed, Jesus Christ and others have all spoken about thoughts, or prayers, creating things when you believe. So just maybe there is something going on beyond our comprehension. 

     I don’t have all the answers, however I know some crazy things that many of you would call miracles, have happened, and continue to happen in my life. Maybe it’s just some unexplainable synchronicity, however I believe it is something bigger than us. Something we can’t control, yet we can work with. This energy that holds us together will partner with you, and work with you to create your perfectly happy and abundant life.    

     You simply need to keep your eyes and ears open, your heart and mind focused, and the answers you seek will show up in some of the most unexpected ways. Ask, Believe, Receive it works every time. Your job is to ask, and believe an answer will come. Then be patient, open minded, and ready to receive, and act. Then you will see miracles everyday too. ✌️ 💚 😁 

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